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What kind of cigarettes are Benson & Hedges De Luxe?

Asked by Atacama (203points) November 10th, 2010

The girl at the gas station gave me a pack tonight, saying they are no longer going to sell them and are not even priced in their register system anymore. I’m a light smoker (5 or 6 per day) and the cigarettes themselves give no hint as to what they are like, in terms of strength or flavor. Before I try one I’m just looking for a clue as to what to expect.

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From what I understand, Benson & Hedges Deluxe brand isn’t being sold anymore because consumers don’t really like it. Apparently the tobacco quality is really low. Info about this particular cigarette seems to be pretty sparse.

Benson & Hedges is based in the UK and doesn’t primarily serve the US market. I assume it will be milder, as US cigarettes tend to be rougher.

The company that owns the Benson & Hedges brand (JTI) also owns the Camel brand, the Hamlet cigar brand, Old Holborn hand-rolling, and the Amber Leaf brand. If you’re familiar with any of those products, you might be able to get a picture of what to expect.

The JTI site describes the B&H brand as a “leading Virginia blend cigarette.”

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@notdan Thanks for the info. I just tried one a few minutes ago and it wasn’t terrible. It was definitely in the ultra light area in terms of strength. I wouldn’t pay for them but if the gas station girl offered them for free again I’d accept. Knowing they aren’t being sold in the U.S. anymore makes me think I should have just shoved them in a drawer for a few years and then sold them on eBay. Some people go nuts for that kind of stuff.

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I smoked B&H for years. great premium cigarette. they finally priced themselves out of the market.

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