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Do you recall the first time you saw them?

Asked by DrasticDreamer (23981points) January 8th, 2011

I was just thinking about this, and I realized that out of most the people I know, I can’t recall the first time I ever saw or talked to them. There are only a very, very small amount of people I know where I can actually, and literally, recall the first moment I ever saw them.

What is it for you? Can you recall the very first moment you ever saw or met most of the people you know? (I’m talking about the people you know very well. Not acquaintances.) What do you think makes us remember the literal first meetings of some we know, no matter how many years have gone by?

Share a story about the very first time you saw someone? What, specifically, do you remember? Why do you think they stood out so strongly to you?

The times that I can remember, I remember everything. What clothes were worn – by the person and myself – who else was there, where we were, what we were going to do that night. I even remember the exact moment eye contact was made. The way they were standing, the memory of their head turning to look at me. The lighting… Anything and everything you can think of, I tend to remember it. So why? What was so special, meaningful or important about these few first meetings?

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I remember the first time I saw my partner. We were at college, it was a warm sunny day and he was out on the patio of the college residence we were sharing. Topless, with mirrored sunglasses, and frizzy hair. If the word “chav” had been in common use in 1985 I would have thought to myself “ugh, what a chav!”. My opinion of him changed when I got to know him better.

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Most people I cannot remember the first time. I do remember the first time I saw and met my husband. My closest college friends I have vague recollection of first seeing them, or meeting them in the dorm, but it is not a clear cut memory of the first meeting. Except my first roommate in college, that I remember. I also remember the first time I met neighbors as an adult. The neighbors I have stayed in touch with over the years.

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well i can recall almost anyone i ever met and where… sometimes even what we talked and what they were wearing… but i can’t remember the name of most of the people i met…

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Looking back, I’m finding that I cannot remember the literal first meeting for most of the people I know, even my closest friends. I know they were all some time during middle school, probably in classes, but no instance stands out to me besides the first time I saw the boy who would later become my current boyfriend.

It was in 6th grade on one of the first days of school. I was new; I had just moved from Las Vegas and I didn’t know anyone. I saw him as he waited with his other classmates for class to start (his classroom was the one next to mine). He stood out to me immediately because he was exceptionally cute; he was special. I could tell. He wasn’t looking at me, he was talking to someone, it was a cold morning, he had a black backpack on, a red shirt, navy blue shorts, something to that extent. I can see it in my mind, but it’s only one still scene of it. I wouldn’t talk to him until much later in the year when we ended up in the same class.

Still, not too bad. It was definitely a significant moment. It marked the beginning of my longest, strongest, and most significant crush.

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I just realized I am more likely to remember the meeting where I wanted to meet the person and many times it was me who initiated the introduction, instead of being passive in the process. Like with my husband I scoped him out on the dance floor, and then later in the night met him. With my roommate I was very curious to meet her, and a little nervous. Maybe it is the emotional reaction going on when you meet someone that engraves it more into your memory? When your adrenaline is a little more up it saves the memory in more parts of the brain, more connections, rather then it just be, again, a more passive interaction that at that moment doesn’t have much meaning. Neighbors I almost always make a specific effort to introduce myself and be neighborly.

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I can’t remember the first meeting I had with any of my friends. I suppose when we first meet them we aren’t aware that they will be significant in our lives and it is just an ordinary moment like every other.

I do remember meeting my best friend but I already knew him from school. We were both around six years of age and as I was standing outside a local shop he passed by on his bicycle turned around and cycled up to me. We began talking and became friends from that moment. Though I remember the meeting I do not remember the details. He was on a blue bicycle but I couldn’t tell you what we were wearing other than shorts. I wish I had your ability to remember precise details.

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Also, part of it must have to do with telling the story to others. We tell our first time meeting our SO’s over and over, because people ask, so the event sticks with us.

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I can’t remember most, I’ve often thought about this same thing.
However, I do remember that the first time I saw my husband… he was so intimidated by me that he wouldn’t even look at me. He approached me with his head down and to the side, he barely even glanced up. He was so shy that he couldn’t even manage to speak. (I was his cashier.) I found him so intriguing, and I have to say that to this day (7 years later) I have never seen him act that way around anyone else.
It was so adorable, I’ll never forget it.

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I only remember the special others in my life the first time I met them. Well, having said that, if there was a bad event involved, i can remember them. The best example was about 20 years ago a highway patrolman gave me a ticket for doing 73 mph and the speed limit was 70. I can remember his face as if it was today. grrrrrr

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I only remember a few, as well. My two best friends, and my two husbands. I remember first seeing my current husband… it was my first day on the job. I’d heard his name throughout the day, but he’d been out working all day. Towards the end of the day, I’m sitting in my office and see (and hear) him through the window… a mountain of a man, singing a song and walking lazily across the parking lot towards the trailer that housed our offices. He comes in and pulls a beer out of his jacket pocket… right there in the office! Yeah, that made an impression. Not necessarily a favorable one, but it was memorable. :)

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I remember the first time I have talked to most of the people I know. Not all of them. Some of them I knew since I was in kindergarten and it is impossible to remember the first conversation in a friendship that goes that far back. I have a really good memory and remember things years later that others forget after a couple of days. I love my friends like family and I guess they are so important to me that I cherish every moment with them.

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I wrote this about my wife:

“I am thrilled that the image of the first time I really saw her, when I noticed her, is etched into my mind and stamped on my heart. With her dancers proud posture, beautiful in her dress, with her hair long and shining against the sun light bursting through the church window. My mind races across the moments. The moment I Knew, this is my wife; the first kiss, in the car outside her house that rainy day, the daisys, the ring, the vows, the babies, and our long enduring very alive love.”

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I, like Season of Fall, must write about my wife. this was Gods plan for us to be together, forever. we both know it. you would think that after 45 years of marriage, that the love we have for each other would be fading into the sunset. not so. if anything, our love for each other grows stronger each day. being a cops wife is not the easiest occupation on the planet. she has stood by me and behind me with unbelievable love and support. each day was a challenge to see if i would again walk through the front door with a smile on my face and a safe hug for her and our children. we have been blessed and we know it.

We met in April, 1965. my wife was a model for Bobbie Brooks clothes. she was modeling a plaid short skirt and a blue blazer, when our eyes first met each other. she had long, honey-blonde hair and i have got to tell you that my heart did a flip-flop at the first sight of her. six months later, we were married.

My wife is my soul inspiration now as well as back then. through the years, she has kept her teenage figure and a heart full of love for me. what was the fatal attraction, back in 1965, that brought us together like a magnet? it was either her beautiful blue eyes or the stunning blue blazer she was wearing.

In any event, she was number one back then and still the one today that can “scratch my itch”.

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The first time I remember seeing my fiance is not the first time he remembers seeing me. We met when we were 17, and at the time I was pretty involved in the punk scene, organizing shows, handing out flyers and stuff like that. So most of the kids involved in the scene at least knew who I was. Apparently our paths crossed a few times before the incident I remember, but since we never spoke I don’t remember it.

What I do remember is a night in late summer when a bunch of us were hanging out by a creek/train tracks drinking. Mr. Fiance and I had a ton of mutual friends; we just had never talked before. I remember seeing him wearing his leather jacket and army pants, sitting by the creek with a friend of mine. His hair was bleached blonde and he just struck me as so gorgeous. I went and talked to him, and we ended up talking for a few hours about music, and I let him listen to my Walkman with me. He made fun of me for drinking Baby Duck straight from the bottle, which was in a paper bag. I was dating someone else at the time (who was living in Toronto, so he wasn’t there that night), but I’m pretty sure that’s when we realized that we were meant to be together.

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I can only remember a few, but one that stands out in my mind is when I met a co-worker who I eventually started dating. I worked in the front office and was in charge of processing new employees. I had received a call that we were getting a new hire and that his paperwork would be delivered to the office in a day or two. In the meantime I received a call from the new hire himself. I loved his voice over the phone and couldn’t wait to see him in person. The next day his paperwork arrived with a photo-copy of his ID. I laughed because whoa! what a ugalee picture it was and all of a sudden I wasn’t so eager to meet this person. When he did finally come to the office for orientation he did not look anything like the photocopy of his ID. I remember every detail of that first meeting and wanted to kick myself for judging a person before actually getting to know them.

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I can think back to the first time I ever met any of the people I know.

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I remember one of my dearest friends, we told the story last night to my fiancee. There was a particular danceclub I used to go to the same day of each week and so new faces were easy to spot. One night a friend came over and told me there was a girl who looked a lot me and to check her out, he thought I would be jealous but in fact I thought the girl didn’t look like me aside from her style of dress and hairstyle. She was truly a natural ideal of what I wished to and was trying hard to look like.

From that night on for a little over a year, I saw this girl become a regular at the club, watched her, was fascinated by her natural beauty, physical grace, elegant style, tact, voice and of course, the way she danced. To me she was like a goddess in a room full of hacks- there was such a huge visual chasm between trash/flash and what she presented. Me, I felt like an actress trying to affect what seemed so innate for her.

A little over a year later, this girl approached me at another danceclub and asked me out to a live Flamenco show featuring a world renowned performer and I was floored! I was so excited to be able to officially meet her, talk to her, find out who she really was, etc. etc. She and I have been wonderful friends now for over a decade and have shared old friends and new ones too. She is still my ideal when I think for a flash in my mind what a beautiful female is.

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I can’t remember meeting most of my friends because the majority of them I’ve had for at least 7 or 8 years.

My boyfriend though, I do remember since it was only June of 2009. We met in the Bass Pro Shops parking lot, near the boats, along I-70 outside of Denver. He wasn’t wearing shoes and he introduced himself and he was the most beautiful thing with the most beautiful eyes I had ever seen in my life and still have ever seen, well maybe tied with my cat Barry.

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I can usually recall someone I’ve met if they were significant to me in some way, shape, or form.I can recall the first time I met one of my closest friends.

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I can remember the day and circumstance of meeting most of the people I am close with IRL, which is very few. That’s the beauty of having very few friends, I guess.

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I remember the first time I ever saw my roommate, who is also one of my best friends.

It was move-in day, freshmen year of college.

I walked in on him decorating his room and asked if he had any duct tape. My presence caught him off guard and he jumped and yelled “OHHHhh SHIT!”

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I can remember the first time I met most of the people in my life.

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