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What is the fine line between genius and insanity?

Asked by RAMesesII (269points) April 10th, 2008 from iPhone

This is more of a rhetorical/discussion question… Feel free to interperet this as you will, but try and explain your interperetation… K?

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Genius produces something beautiful or something useful. Insanity produces neither.

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How can one tell one from the other? (not challenging your opinion, just asking for the sake of discussion)
Isn’t it possible for something to be percieved as useless, but end up having a critical effect on something later?

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one person can see an item as insane, but another person can see the same item as pure genius.

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Beethoven vs. Charles Manson?
Wagner vs Wagner?

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Picasso vs. Nero?

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Perception and empathy.

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RAMesesII: this is why genius is sometimes mistaken for insanity, but only fools mistake insanity for genius.

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cwilbur: Well said.
So, what would be the correct classifications for…
Hannibal? (the Punic Wars one)
Franz Liszt?
Van Goh?

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Did any of them produce anything useful or beautiful? You wanted a rubric, and I gave you one; apply it as you see fit.

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is humbled by cwilbur’s wisdom

Ah… I see. :-)

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Kevbo. One look at his avatar and you’ll see what I mean.

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The thin line is an optical illusion… Everyone sees it a little differently, and you can’t always tell if it’s there at all…

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Mozart and Howard Hughes until they cracked.

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ray charles shooting dope in the dark blind.

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when what you initially started doing begins to hurt yourself or others. Its not healthy to obsess that much. A good example could be nirvana and pearl jam. Nirvana clearly more genius, but pearl jam can look back and say who was the crazy one.

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History is the best judge of the difference between genius and insanity.

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watch “A beautiful mind”

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In “genius”, the mind is overloaded in thought and creativity, the mind hungers for intellect. It has been recorded that great artist and writers will become so compelled to focus all thier attention on thier craft that they will lay aside all biological needs. To the point they cause an imbalance in the brain which leads to obsessive compulsion or mania.

Your brain needs to be stimualted in all areas when it is not it becomes imbalanced and causes an biological or chemical imbalance in the brain.

Basically genius will equal madness

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genius (+) and insane (-) are the polar opposites of each other. Insanity is a storm that only a genius can bring passage to. A genius craves redemption whereas a insane person craves revenge. Genius is the swan that once was just a mangy ugly duckling. The birth of the nurtured genius.

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Geniuses are insane and insane people geniuses. Einstien was insane. He was incapables of taking care of himself. Beethoven was insane. He went insane from either lead or mercury poisoning. He was a musical genius and was as mad as a hatter. Insanity and Genius are the two sides of the same coin. In a three dimensional reality, one cannot exist without the other.

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Agreed….. he last comment was both insane and genius

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