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Why is the war in Iraq and Afghanistan not covered more?

Asked by Plone3000 (668points) January 9th, 2011

The news about the Vietnam war back in the day was much more revealing and gruesome. It seems today the news on the war is much more conservative, why is that?

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People want to remain in denial. Also, the fact that the main impact falls on the volunteer military rather than draftees makes it easier to ignore the great damage.

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Because it no longer fits the media’s agenda.

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That celebrity just did that semi-surprising thing, and those other celebrities might be breaking up.

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Because both wars have ground on for so very long. Really, the media is just responding to the disinterest of the populace in the war news.

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During the Bush administration, he/they put the kibosh on truly reporting what was happening in the wars. It was awful, is awful, and the government prefers to keep us somewhat in the dark about war, otherwise it would be similar to what happened with Vietnam and everybody would be outraged to a much higher degree and would be protesting. Even the current administration, which is somewhat more open, still really doesn’t tell about the war how it really is, like back in the days of Vietnam.

Also, because it’s been grinding on for so long, the information sounds almost exactly the same each day it’s reported and people/news organizations/the government grow weary of hearing and talking about the same bad news day after day, year after year with no real solution or end in sight.

And because of the bad economy, people who would otherwise be interested to know, or want to help, have so many other drastic things occurring in their lives that there comes a point of over-saturation of bad news. People can only take so much.

And yes, because military uses all volunteers, these wars don’t effect the whole nation in the same way as the Vietnam war did. Ultimately, war itself wreaks a terrible toll on our whole country, but it’s not as noticeable when you’re losing your house to foreclosure and you’re not even thinking/worrying about your son getting drafted.

And because it has been grinding on for so long, there are now 10 year old kids who have known nothing different. It’s just a part of life for them. Good, bad or otherwise.

And because most TV is for “info-tainment” these days, it’s totally different from when some of us were kids and there were only 3 TV stations (and no way to record shows) so you watched the news at 6 or 11 at night, every single day. But you didn’t watch a whole lot of other stuff, except maybe a sitcom or some cartoons. There wasn’t the 24 hour news cycle. And people are too busy with Snookie and Tiger and Lindsay to even worry about or even think about what is going on in the great big world around them.

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Because people would rather hear about Jersey Shore and Snookie. My brother is currently in Afghanistan and we, being my family, would rather hear more on the war.

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