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What do you think or how does it make you feel when you gaze at the stars?

Asked by Arbornaut (2589points) January 10th, 2011

Just ducked out for a quick smoke, what an amazing clear and starry night. Iv loved star gazing all my life, and somehow the feeling i get when i look to the heavens is the same as it has been for as long as i can remember. A kind of loneliness, or insignificance.
Something about a scene that has remained the same way for so long.
Some times i also think it might just be a bunch of pin holes in the black plastic..
But its important for me at least, to glance up there once in a while.

What does the night sky do for you?

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Calm. I find it relaxing.

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You’re saying there’s places you can still see the stars?

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@Zyx Yeah, weird huh?

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Staring at them for a while gives me a deep sense of how far away those stars are, some of them so far that they are long dead and only their light is just now reaching my eyes.

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I usually just enjoy the spectacle. Nature putting on a show.

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makes me feel really little

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I love it.
I am always a bit surprised when I happen to be outside at night and look up and there it is.
The Milky-way spread out in a wide band high over my head.
The stars are not the only things in the night sky that amaze me.
Jupiter has been spectacular lately and Venus and Mars are often there, like a friendly neighbor’s porch light off in the distance.
Don’t get me started on the Aurora!

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When I am up in the mountains you can see so many stars and even the Milky Way as it looks similar to a light cloud because there are so many stars. I feel a belonging and a kinship to the Universe. I feel them calling me and I feel a real connection to them.

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I’m a huge star gazing fan. I have a hot tub perched on a little cliff side off of my deck up here on my mountain in the hills where the night sky is amazing!

I feel a tremendous connection with the infinity of the universe and often have ‘peak’ experiences of total unity under the heavens.

We come out of nowhere and return to nowhere, and, truly, we are one with it all.

I have this great vision, feeling, of a ‘return’ to source when fully present under the starry skies.

On a deep cellular level I can feel my connection to the totality.

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One need only look at my avatar to see I’m a sky lover. I have a rural home which affords me a lovely view of the sky on most evenings, and it always fills me with awe. I love @Coloma‘s description, and that very much conveys my take on the universe. We are so small, and yet we are all connected by something so grand and magnificent.

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@wilma, @Summum, especially @Coloma and @Picante… total agreement with all. I live in Cornwall, there is some light pollution near my home, but only a few hundred yards away it is pitch dark, so when the sky is clear so are the stars. I feel a deep quiet when I stand outside and look at them. Over Christmas the Quadrantids meteor shower passed by and I managed to see three shooting stars. Very rare for me! Love it, we are after all made of the same stuff.

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The immensity of the universe. I live on a two mile long town road with only 7 houses on the entire road, so I have great views of the stars. My driveway lines up directly at the Big Dipper this time of year. It’s very calming.

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Lovely sharings everyone!

I always joke that I hope I die in my hot tub under the stars, well…nice for me, not so nice for whomever discovers my boiled remains. lol

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I don’t particularly feel anything when I star gaze, but I have always been drawn to the night sky. It reminds me of being a little girl, my dad used to take me outside and stand me up on the picnic table and teach me the constellations. Those are some of my favorite childhood memories, so I guess looking at the stars now takes me back to that. Not consciously, because I still really enjoy it, so that isn’t why I do it. It has just been a life-long thing for me. How could anyone not be blown away by something so beautiful?

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I think about how insignificant my anxieties are and how I’ll be a part of the stars once more, some day.

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I feel a sense of wonder and amazement as my mind tries to comprehend the sheer size of the universe. I feel pleased that the stars are too distant to be spoiled by Man and I remember that the stars are not alien and that we are made of stardust.

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I regain perspective.

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I think who the bloody hell has stolen the tent!

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I’m in a small city so I can star watch from my back yard. I just enjoy it, no deep feelings.

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It makes me feel at home. I grew up in a place with no city lights nearby (the closest city is 100 miles away) so I can see the stars amazingly well. Whenever I’m in a place where I can see the stars well it reminds me of home.

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I know what you mean. I am always shocked in the big cities when I cannot see any stars.

One of the BEST star gazing moments of my life was in 2006 on a road trip in the Nevada desert late one night in February. Bliss out!

I can actually see satellites from my house if I watch very carefully. So awesome!

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I can’t wait to take photographs of all the extrasolar planets out there.

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It helps me realise my place in the universe and it is humbling.

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Today there were new streetlamps fitted in our road. They are special low-wattage white lights, angled downwards so that light pollution is limited, while the street is well lit. It is lovely. More stars are visible because of this. It makes sense for all councils to get cracking with fitting these lamps – they are wired in to a computer control, can be dimmed selectively or turned off individually when not needed. Both my Husband and I took a wander outside just now (it is 11.30pm in Cornwall) to see how it looked. Sooooo much better than the horrible bright orange ones!

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