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I’ll tell you this much: Being nervous for a first kiss is the only way to be. I’ve had lots and lots of ‘first kisses’, and I’ve been nervous for every one. And I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Other than that, the best advice is to practice as often as you can after the first.

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It’s so exciting! And as @CyanoticWasp said, it’s going to be nerve wracking every first kiss… especially if it means something. Practice is certainly good… just remember, too much tongue is bad! And try not to be slobbery. Imagine how you want to be kissed, try to do that.

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Just relax and allow nature to take its course. Smile It is always a little scary when you first kiss a person. Enjoy it and remember it so when your son or daughter ask you about it you have something to share. Good Luck

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Oh, one other thing, and this may be important:

I do recall my first kiss, from more than 40 years ago. I remember every detail: where I was standing, what she looked like, her name (though I haven’t seen her since), the time of year, and… and…

And… it was the worst kiss ever. So don’t go making too much of a big deal over it if it doesn’t come off perfectly.

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well its not my FIRST kiss…. but its my first kiss with a guy i actually care about… so im kinda nervous about this one..

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Don’t worry if the first kiss with this fellow is not the best kiss ever. Some guys (and girls) need a little bit of practice to get good at it. And do be aware that too much tongue, too soon, is not pleasant. If he starts in with too much tongue, just politely tell him that you’re enjoying kissing him, but you want to slow down the tongue thing for the time being. And don’t move too fast and watch out for the slobber (yours and his).

Make sure that your lips are soft, use a little lip balm, but then wipe it off, so your lips aren’t greasy or sticky. Make sure that your breath is fresh. I guess what I’m saying is if you aren’t sure when this kiss is going to happen, make sure you keep all of the soft lip/hygiene things going at all times.

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Relax, these things take practice (and figuring it out together is 90% of the fun!!!).

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I would recommend starting with a gentle peck on the lips or even on the cheek for a first kiss. It makes the anticipation that much more exciting for the next occasion when a little more pressure can be applied to the lips.

Don’t forget that he’s probably just as nervous about it as you are.

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I don’t get people being worried about “performance”. It’s something and someone to enjoy. If your not sure just hold your lips open slightly and let the boy please you with what he can do. Its about savouring every millisecond of it, feeling every nerve ending. Let your feelings and sensations lead you as to whats good (for the kiss). So go slow, start slow, soft and light and than let things go from there. In other words if you like what your doing continue until you both want to try something different or more intense. I’ll say it again, let the feelings and sensation of it lead you. Oh and a little trick if it gets too wet, pull away a little and blow on the wet spots, whether it’s his lips or chin or anywhere in that proximity. Enjoy and don’t do it in a place where it might go further than you want it to. One more thing, write about it afterwards in a journal, if he ends up being the one this memory would be a treasure to have.

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Just go with the flow… you cant go wrong.

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@Arbornaut unless you get stuck with a drooler. Sorry, but it had to be said.

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@Kardamom Sure, I love drooler’s though.

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@Arbornaut As have I, but it was a little off-putting at first.

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Yeah, fair call. Maybe its something best worked up to.

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The fewer clothes the better.

No wait, I meant “Expectations.” The fewer expectations, the better.

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dont be nervous!!! its ok

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