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Wierd Dream-What does it mean to lose your teeth?

Asked by Baddreamer27 (705points) January 10th, 2011

In my dream it is the day before my wedding. I am back home with my family and his family and we are at the rehearsal dinner. After the dinner my grandmother and I go back to a hotel. Its very fancy and very nice. I remember a pool being there and just as I was thinking to get into the pool, my front tooth falls out. (in reality I have had problems since child hood with this tooth and its now a fake) I remember not thinking much of it and I ask my mom to take me to a dentist to fix it. My mom doesnt pay attention and brushes it off because she is having a good time. I remember staying calm and trying to act normal and that it didnt bother me, but then other teeth started falling out. I get to the point where all of my teeth one by one have fallen out. I can feel the dents where they used to be, I felt them slide right out of my gums and would spit them out into the palm of my hand. I was terrified and remember I kept looking into my hand at my teeth and trying desparately to stick them back in. They would stick for a minute and fall right back out. At this point I am pleading with my mother to get me a dentist. She doesnt bother and we begin to fight, I become so consumed with anger that I actually physically fight her. I can feel the anger inside of me. At the next point I remember, I am leaving this fancy hotel and getting into a rolls royce following an old woman who I think is my fiance’s grandmother I assume she is taking me to a dentist, but I wake up. Needless to say I went straight to the mirror to check my teeth. What does this dream mean??

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Sounds like you’re worried that your mother isn’t going to be supportive when it’s important for you to have her support.

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We had another losing teeth dream earlier today. My answer for that one looks like it is even more fitting here. Losing teeth means feeling like you have no say in whatever is going on. This totally makes sense in your situation, where it is very common for a mother to take over the wedding plans, or to put a lot of pressure on the bride to make decisions she doesn’t want to make. The bride is in a place where she doesn’t feel like she can say no, but she doesn’t like it at all.

The teeth falling out stand for losing your say. Without teeth, you can’t really talk anymore—at least not clearly. You lose your say in things. You plead with your mother, but she won’t let you have any more input. You fight with her, but the result is the same.

Your dream is pointing out to you what is happening in your life in terms of your power. I gather you don’t like it. Maybe it’s time to stand up and have things go your way. It’s your wedding. If things go right, you won’t get another chance to make this happen. Don’t let others run away with it. You will regret it, I think.

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Loosing teeth represents pregnancy, or so I have read.

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I have always heard that dreaming of your teeth falling out means that someone in your family is going to die. That is a well-known “old wives tale.” Maybe your fiance’s grandmonther?

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I’ve had a dream about me losing my teeth a couple times…but each time it was around the time that I’ve been in a stressful situation….I suffer from anxiety a lot, so I’m almost always stressed…I did my research a while back and found out that its very common for people to dream about losing their teeth. And it said that it’s usually triggered by a stress…its just how your mind reacts to it. So your not alone….learn to relax, read a book, clear your mind…maybe some simple yoga before bed. It might help next time your feeling stressed out.

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