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Is blow drying your hair every day bad for it?

Asked by jabag11 (673points) January 11th, 2011

I am 19 and male, and every day after I get out of the shower I blow dry my hair until it get’s dry, not too dry, but you know, dry with just a little moisture left. Anyways my hair is short, goes down to my eyes barely if I were to pull my “bangs” down. (I don’t have bangs lol)

And so I ask, will doing this every day (like I am doing) eventually cause hair loss in the long term and will doing this be bad for my hair at all?

Also does it matter if it’s hott or cold? I always blow dry my hair with warm to hott air.

all inputs greatly appreciated thank you!

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I don’t think so, my sister does it everyday and her hair still looks fine.

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Yes – it damages the hair. Not really enough that people stop doing it – especially in the winter. It can’t make you loose hair – that’s genetics; you’ll go bald if you go bald, other than that, do what you want. But blowdrying and curling it only damage the hair that’s grown so far. Heat is the factor that does the damaging.

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It won’t cause hair loss, but if you’re blowdrying every day on “hot”, it can cause your hair to dry out and your ends to split. I am 31 and female.

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I would use the “cool” setting and under- rather than overdo it.

(I promise that by now we all know that you are 19 and male)

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With short hair you probably won’t notice any damage because you are consistently getting the damage trimmed out. If you hair ever gets longer then you may notice dry ends depending on how hot you are running your hair drier. It’s the heat that damages it.

As others have stated genetics is what decides how much hair you get to keep as you age.

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I think that once your getting regular trims and not burning the hell out of it you’ll be fine. It’s just women with long hair that really have to worry about the little damage it does. And your probably not using much product or straightening it or curling it which is also a bonus.

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As long as you’re leaving it damp you should be fine.

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I never blow dry my hair, and every time I go to get my hair cut the person handling my hair says it really shows.

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You can buy a product to put on your hair to protect it form blow drying. Please stop saying you are male and 19.

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Yes, it is. But if you’re going to do it, use the cool setting.

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cool is better. If hot, you are drying out your hair. Just like with the curling iron.
Compensate with moisturizers, conditioners and mousse.

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May I be the first to suggest that you use the “cool” setting?

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No, blowing your hair like that isn’t bad nor does it damage your hair but, just to make sure buy heat protection spray. Spray before you blow dry.

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yes it is for if you have dry curly hair it will dry it out even more

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Yes, but usually not enough to keep me from doing it. I have wavy hair just a little past shoulder length that behaves unpredictably if I don’t do a few things to it.

I usually blow dry my bangs taut with a round brush then just gently blow the rest with my fingers until it’s 70–80% dry. Then, I put it in a bun and take it down when I’m ready to leave. A little bit of Argan oil and it usually stays put!

Edit: I also endorse the selection of using a heat protection product. Bumble and Bumble blowout cream is great if you want a straighter look or Amika blow dryer spray is also really nice. Good luck!

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Not only bad it’s too bad and can damage your hair horrible. Blow drying hair every day makes your hair dry, fizzy.

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