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How far back have you traced your family tree?

Asked by gooch (5734points) April 10th, 2008 from iPhone

I traced mine back to 1540 on 1 line. It is vey interesting. It seems most people have no tangiable evidence who their ancestor were.

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I can go all the way back to my great grandma on my mom’s side, but that’s not too hard really :p

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go to its a great way to build a family tree and then find relatives that share a common ancestor. in fact, i just found a cuz. the only thing is thats you cant download it for macs.

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you are right about not knowing our ancestry I know my family on my mom side originally came from puerto rico dad side England other than that nothing don’t even know my dad or any relatives on his side

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i dont know mine. My mom was adopted. My dads ancestor came over from Italy story has it when he was at Ellis island and he didn’t know any English so they made him write down his name and all but his handwriting was so horrible (much like mine) that they butchered his name and changed it. Half my family on his side now has one last name and half has the other and both argue with each other which is the correct one but to the best of my knowledge no one has traced it back.

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No matter what you do your tree starts with CHUCK NORRIS. It’s a fact! guys left me no choice. I tried to fight it, but I could not hold back.

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lol chuck norris…reminds me of Barrens chat (world of warcraft) all over again…. I need to start a family tree one of these days..

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my grandma tied it back to Adam and Eve. She found a ancesstor that had lineage in the Bible and the rest is history. Its on a very long poster with small print. It looks sweet.

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Chuck norris invented the Family tree…..............................okay i’m done.

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My brother had ours done all the way back to 400 AD I have it hanging on my wall now, and it’s got some pretty interesting people on it. Mary Queen of Scots, William the Conqueror, And One of the Lord chancellors of England to name a few.

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My grandma did all of our family history and then wrote a book no-one has read. I think it goes back to England at some time before first settlers came to Australia, and before that it was all in the one little village. Not that it will mean anything to most of you but some relative of mine was the judge who sentenced Martin Cash to be sent to Australia as a convict for shooting a man in the shoulder. Martin Cash later went on to become a notorious bush-ranger in Tasmania.

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On my mother’s side, we’ve traced it back as far as the French colonists that came to Nova Scotia and New Brunswick in the 1600s. On my father’s side, we’ve traced it back to the Scots and French colonists that came to New Brunswick and then central Maine in the early 1800s.

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My mother has done alot going back to the mid 1500’s. The most notable person in my tree is Oliver Loving of the Goodnight Loving Trail and the basis for Larry McMurtry’s Lovesome Dove saga.

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1707 year.
After that is is doubtful on one one side of my family tree as their is evidence that the line diverges into another lineage.
On my Mothers side back to 1791 year. ( verified).
It was surprising as I never thought that I could even locate any of her relatives in the Ukraine.
I located a fellow researher in the Ukraine who had to take Latin lessons in order to deschiper
the information as that was the language that the records are written in.
He even sent phtos of the Birth towns of my Mothers Grandparents!
He located one male lineage and one female ( name change due to marriage)line.
The distant relatives their were relieved to find tht their own sons and daughters ( long passed now) had lived a healthy and good life.
Some are very very old and prayed for years for answers.
I was glad that I could give them some closure.

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