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What is it like to be an investigative journalist?

Asked by SJA813 (143points) January 13th, 2011

I was wondering for anyone who has experience in the field or related fields, could maybe tell me about it. Preferably from your point of view and personal experiences. I find that to be more much insightful if you can.

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The sister of a friend of mine is an IJ in Los Angeles. She works hard, doesn’t publish often, and is very under-paid.
I think it seems like a pretty cool job, but my friend says his sister needs a second job to make ends meet.

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Its very hard work for almost no recognition and almost no money.

Personal experience.

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@klutzaroo Can you share more of anything else, anything specific you liked or disliked? Besides what you have stated already.

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@SJA813 There’s a whole lot of begging people for interviews, trying to work with schedules. Then there’s the fact that by the time you write your story, something might have changed. Not to mention the fact that by the time you go to print, your story might not make it. Long hours, crap pay. Really hard to get even a crappy job.

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@klutzaroo Deng seems like a tough gig no doubt.Suppose the economy has not been helping huh?

Would you say there is alternative, but would keep you in a similar type of work?

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@SJA813 Um… PR? There aren’t jobs out there in most anything right now.

I’m going back to school for nursing, lol.

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