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In TV broadcasting, what is the difference between an affiliate and an O&O (Owned & Operated) station?

Asked by occ (4176points) November 29th, 2007
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I believe an affiliate is owned independently of the network. O&Os are owned by the network that they carry.

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as is literally defined, and affiliate is not directly connected to the network. it has an affiliation with them (a partnership)

an o&o is just that- owned by and run by the network.

so, cnn might cut to cnn india, o&o. they might also cut to a local station in florida with whom they have an affiliation

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Television stations are just like McDonalds and Hardees and many other businesses. they are franchised. this means these businesses are are not directly owned by McDonalds or Hardees, but have independent owners and use the logos and food products offered by the two. o and o are directly owned by McDonalds and Hardees. just an example.

Franshised businesses are owned and operated by private individuals with their own money as an investment.

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