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Is there something wrong with me for not liking North Carolina?

Asked by itsnotanoption (74points) January 16th, 2011

I know I’m new, but this question has been itching at me for months
I cannot stand living here, but everyone who lives here likes it, so I’m starting to think that something is wrong with me for not liking it. I like the Northeast more, but then I see some people from the NE moving to NC, and then I think that I’m wrong for wanting to move back.

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You can always move out. You don’t have to like and if you’re not happy in NC move to somewhere else.

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@itsnotanoption as the old saying goes, that is why they make chocolate and vanillla. People like different things.

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You have my permission to move. I want to retire in the mountains of NC very purty there!! ;)

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Hey – my son moved out to SF a few years ago. We thought it would be the perfect mellow place for him, but he missed the Northeast too, and ended up moving back. Do what works for you.

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People like Lady GaGa, that doesn’t mean they are right.

Go where you want to be. All you need to know is your own words, “I cannot stand living here.”

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I don’t think I know of anyone that actually likes North Carolina. A good friend of mine moved here to the northeast from North Carolina.

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Why is there anything wrong with having a personal preference? ;)
I personally love NC

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@lucillelucillelucille Welcome back!
There is nothing wrong with having personal likes or dislikes.

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It’s hard to answer since you don’t tell us what your parameters are. What is is the you don’t like? What are you looking for? In what way does it not meet your expectation? Where in NC are you located? What have you experienced/seen of the state so far?

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@itsnotanoption are you stationed at Bragg or Pope?

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Of course they like it. That’s why they live there. If they don’t like it, they’ve either moved away, or are in the process of getting out (like you). It’s not exactly a fair sampling if you ask people who live in NC whether or not they like NC.
There’s nothing wrong with you for not being in love with NC (or any place).

What is it that you dislike? The people, weather, cities, country, politics?
Is it feasible for you to move elsewhere? Do you have things tying you down? School, family, job?
Do you have family in the Northeast? People who’d let you live with them for a time? Best way to know if you’d like to live somewhere, is to spend time there.
How old are you? Are you old enough to move out/live on your own? Are you able to get a job reasonably?

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Where you like to live is a matter of taste. There is nothing wrong with you.

I like North Carolina especially the northern part of the state, but to each his own.


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You like where you like. It’s like who people choose to love… there’s no accounting for taste. : )

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I had a cousin who went to Duke. She hated North Carolina. She didn’t like the attitudes of the people about race and women and probably other things. My best friend’s mother retired to Ashville. He never said anything nice about Ashville, but then, he only went there to visit his mother, who was something of a whack job. His description of his mother’s refrigerator soup landed me in the hospital.

North Carolina seems scary to me. Southerners who are conservative and religious—certainly wouldn’t approve of me, and might even take exception to me and do something…. well.. unfriendly. Rather than have to pretend to be someone I’m not, I think I’ll stay home.

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It really all depends on what you are expecting. I’ve moved a lot. I love NC. I got married there and gave birth to both of my kids so it holds a lot of good memories. You can only enjoy a place that has good memories for you or at least possibilites of a life style you hope to have. For example, If I was a dolphin trainer or something like that, I certainly wouldn’ like living in Raliegh. Fat chance I would get to do my job there. Or if I was single and looking to meet a lot of single people I wouldn’t live in any of the tiny towns, NC has. A large city would be a better bet.
I loved it even though I came from NYC. It was a wonderful place to raise my family without too much concern of criminal activities. Especially since we were in a small town. Lots of things for families to do but not too much for single people. They usually had to drive two hours away to go party for the evening.
So it does depend on what you are looking for.
Someone mentioned that predjudices exist in NC. They exist everywhere in the United States. Only difference between the north and the south is that the southerners don’t hide it. You can avoid the haters. In the North, they smile to your face as they slip the knife in your back.
Prefer to see the knife coming.

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