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In less than ten seconds, how would you complete the statement, If push comes to shove?

Asked by mazingerz88 (28885points) October 9th, 2013

We just might learn something new or reinforced what we already know about ourselves maybe.

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I will have to move.

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I’ll do it myself.

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I’ll smack you silly!
I may be little but I’m strong! lol

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I’ll hide in a cave and die. If I do find a cave.

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I’d push back. I used to back down…but not anymore.

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I’d always save MIlo ahead of me.

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I’ll play dead.

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Trying not to read other comments first.

If push comes to shove I’ll pop a cap in your ass!

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Always shoot to kill.

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You want me on your side. ;)

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Use your sidearm.

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Get law enforcement involved.

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Sic your German shepherd on them.

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“When the push comes to shove And you need a little love
Let me put some rock into your world
Call me up don’t be shy
For my love will make you high
I just want to be your lovergirl.”

It makes me realize how good I am at thinking of relevant song lyrics.

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It’s better to be judged by 12 than carried by 6.

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If push comes to shove, just do a hard reboot.

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I’ll punt.

Coloma's avatar

I’ll tickle your armpits until you let go of me.

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If push comes to shove…

I will be taking the last cookie.

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^^ Even if push weren’t coming to shove, you’d have your hand in the bottom of the cookie jar.

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I’ll shove em in the stove, cook em good, then sell em on main street, to their mom.

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@gailcalled: Very true, and, for the first time ever — not a euphemism.

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When push comes to shove, you’re addicted to love.

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When push comes to shove, I’ll take hot sauce on my mashed potatoes! yum!

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We can pickle that.

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