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Do pregnancy stretch marks ever go away?

Asked by Baddreamer27 (705points) January 16th, 2011

I have very visible stretch marks all over my stomach from having my son. He was born 3 years ago…they faded, but still I look like my stomach was shredded with a cheese grater! I used the coco butter stretch mark lotion and oil when i was prego, but my mother says its our genes. Can I make them disappear?

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Mine haven’t.

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They can fade a little. The whiter you are, the more likely they might fade a little.

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how about that fancy cream they are always advertising on the tube?

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@963chris Doesn’t work.

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Trilastin is supposed to work.

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@JLeslie: i had a feeling that was the case. thx.

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nope..but there are some lotions that will lighten them a little…I heard that tattoo laser removal also works for stretchmarks but I don’t know how much they can remove.

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@963chris But, I think it is good to keep ou skin moisturized, so the cream would help with that.

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it all depends. I’ve never been pregnant but my mother’s went away (she also had cocoa butter). I’ve seen plenty that have not gone away though.

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You can get stretch marks wherever the skin has to grow abnormally fast. So a young woman whose breasts develop very quickly will get them. Anyone who gains weight very quickly can get them too.

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After having two of our children, my wife still has her stretch marks. thats just part of life.

It doesn’t bother me if it doesn’t bother her. i love the way her stretch marks look like I-65 that interconnects with I-24.

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They will never naturally go away. You probably would have to have them surgically removed like a tummy tuck.

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I saw an episode of the “Doctors” the other day where that was a question given to the plastic surgeon. They showed several new treatments that you would have to go see a dermatologist for but they only said that it will lighten your stretch marks.
They will naturally lighten with time and coco butter but if you don’t want to make them worse than don’t tan. The stretch marks usually stay lighter as the skin around it darkens more.
Best thing just for appearance is body makeup and or liquid suntans lotions.

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Stretch marks are from the dermis splitting because there’s too much fat being built up underneath. We all get them from gaining to much weight, or having kids.

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My mother’s never did. Neither did my aunt’s. My mother accepted them. My aunt got surgery to eliminate them.

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They fade…I try to see them as medals for being able to carry life.

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Strivectin says it will.

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