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What really works to prevent stretch marks when pregnant?

Asked by Hypocrisy_Central (26879points) October 3rd, 2010

I am sure just about everyone heard of all the urban legends and old wives tales on how to avoid stretch marks when you are pregnant by using cocoa butter, etc but what really works? I once read that to prevent stretch marks you have to think inward not outward, that zinc supplements or eating a diet high in zinc like beans will prevent stretch marks because the zinc makes the skin more elastic, do you think that will work? Have you tried anything that worked for you? My fiancée is rather petite so I know when the baby comes after the wedding stretch marks will certainly be a concern.

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In a book I have where the author is recommending you use extra virgin coconut oil to moisturise with, she says she’s has three children but never had a stetch mark. So there you go, extra virgin coconut oil.

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Honestly, nothing. If you’re prone to them, you’ll probably get them. If you got the lucky gene card, you won’t.

I have to ask – why exactly will it be a concern? It’s part of pregnancy, like the vaginal scars from tearing, softer, saggier breasts (due to the pregnancy itself just as much as breastfeeding), and an all-around altered figure, particularly wider hips due to pelvic movement.

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Seek is correct. nothing helps with stretchmarks. my wife is 5 ft. 3 inhes tall. when she was pregnant with out first child. she began rubbing butter and other products, over her stomach, in order to prevent stretchmarks from her pregnancy. did this work? no.

She still has her stretchmarks today. i keep telling her that they are “love marks”, not stretch marks. “to constantly remind her of how much i love her”.

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I heard it inherited whether you get stretch marks. I also heard if you use cocoa butter while your tummy is stretching you won’t get them. I don’t think there is anything you can do really. As everyone else has said but the extra virgin cocoa butter oil guy .

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I’ve read in a number of places (no, I can’t post links) that it’s pretty much what @Seek_Kolinahr says, it’s genetic. I’m sure one can lessen it a bit by keeping skin supple, avoiding unnecessary weight gain, etc, etc. It pretty much stops being any kind of an issue after one gives birth and is raising children. Can’t imagine why anyone would give a rat’s ass then!

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I agree with @Seek_Kolinahr I too am petite and my son did quite a number. I lotioned up, every day and my diet was loaded with zinc. The pregnancy pills have plenty of zinc, and goodness knows, I eat plenty of kidney beans.
Here’s a link to help explain it better. stretch marks
They do get lighter in time. With my son, my marks were black. When I became pregnant with my daughter the marks turned lighter than my skin color. I use to say she went in there and erased her brothers mess. Obviously she didn’t like the wall paper. I looked like a zebra till she came along.

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I’m 32 weeks pregnant and all I’ve done is put cocoa butter on and I have not one single stretch mark on my belly (my boobs weren’t so lucky I’m afraid) I don’t think it’s possible to have a baby and not have at least a few stretch marks here and there. And yes, it can be a genetic thing so I’m not sure there’s any way to fully avoid them. Don’t worry about it, do everything you can to keep your skin moisturized :) My friend suggests Bio Oil. It’s a new product though so idk how great it is. (My husband thinks they’re sexy) lol

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I think people are stupid for disliking stretch marks.

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While I wouldn’t call anyone stupid, I really cannot understand why on earth anyone would care.

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@YARNLADY I really cannot understand why on earth anyone would care. I guess the same reason women and many men these days buy all types of potions and creams and dyes to stave off wrinkles and gray hair because they don’t want to accept that it is apart of growing old, or countless other women spend millions each year to get boob jobs for a chest they don’t want men to stare at. Personal choice I guess.

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@Hypocrisy_Central Yes, I suppose you are right. I don’t and never have worn any kind of make up or used cosmetics, other than shampoo and soap. I am considered clueless when it comes to looks.

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saggier breasts (due to the pregnancy itself just as much as breastfeeding

Breastfeeding doesn’t cause saggy breasts but pregnancy might:

Although @Seek_Kolinahr is right. If you are prone to them then you are going to get them. And honestly they are a beautiful mark of motherhood in my opinion. However if you want home remedies for scars then I personally would go with Vitamin E Oil. Although I love Coconut Oil for pretty much everything I haven’t heard about it being effective with scars.

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Drink lots of water!!! Dehydration is a big factor in getting stretch marks.

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Stretch marks are a form of scarring of the skin caused by rapid growth and stretching of the skin which can be helped by using nourishing oil especially formulated to enrich the skin that will help it to stretch easily.

Look for these effective herbs, in a pre-packaged massage oil, for preventing stretch marks during pregnancy: Patchouli, Neroli, Mandarin, Rose Geranium and vitamin E with Rosehip Oil to soften and condition the skin and underlying connective tissue.

It works in preventing stretch marks. I used this natural remedy for my two pregnancies and I have only a couple of “hard-to-see” stretch marks.

You may have to do some searching online, or you can go to your local health food store provider, whom may carry a product similar to this – if not exactly with the same ingredients. I’m sure if you ask the store manager, they’d be glad to help you out.

All the best!

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