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Best bag for camera and laptop as hand luggage/work bag?

Asked by sharl (424points) April 11th, 2008

I’m traveling later next week with a new camera (EOS 40D and 17–85) and a MacBook. I’m trying to make the best choice for a new bag. I’ll be carrying them onto the plane (hopefully with a few more small items) and I’ll need to carry them to work most days. Should I try for one bag or two separate ones? Recommendations? I’m currently using a smallish laptop shoulder bag and a LowePro TLZ, which just about stash together in sports bag, but I don’t fancy carrying this everywhere. Maybe a Crumpler that takes both but isn’t too big? Help!

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I use on of these. Mine is padded well and durable.

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They have the types of computer bags/briefcase that rolls like the small luggage. It works great, because there are a lot compartments for all your stuff and it is like a computer bag. You don’t have to put it on it’s side to open it. It’s up right already.

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garbage bag works great and is very instyle. Hehe. Nah just go to bestbuy, they have a big selection of cases for your needs.

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Check out the Tamrac Velocity bag. Strap goes over one shoulder like a shoulder bag but swings around behind you like a backpack. Fits my 30D like a glove and is very light.

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A good place to research:

and my personal faves are:


That new boa case (the Boa Case M shoulder bag) seems to be really wide and padded (should accommodate both a laptop and a DSLR cam plus accessories); they come at a premium, but booqs are extremely well padded, and have lasted me 5 years without a scratch or seam pop; plus the straps are seatbelt-grade. My highest recommendation (and I’m a laptop bag whore! Don’t tell my wife LOL- j/k she already knows and agrees!)...

If you want to be trendy:


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This might be a little excessive for you, but it does carry a laptop + a camera. It’s more of a camera bag that also carries your laptop. The Kata R-103 is a rugged camera backpack designed for carrying stuff long distances (has all of those straps), it also has a slot for a laptop. I’ve not yet tried to get it on a plane, but it should be within carry-on size.–1

(Kata also makes body armor for media in war zones:—maybe it’s just the marketing, but this bag seems just as tough)

(To continue my ramblings, I did once pack only a camera bag—prior to having this backpag—when travelling for business—it actually made quite the nice carry-on bag.)

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I have a Mobile Edge backpack that has made many trips through airports. I like it because it’s discreet. I also treated it with a waterproof spray so it’s good for those unexpected showers.

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