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Strike up conversation at school?

Asked by starboyg (201points) January 17th, 2011

The new semester of college just started, and I’m in a few classes where I don’t know anyone. What are some good ways to start conversing with my fellow community college students so the rest of my semester can consist of being classes with friends.

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There are books that are written on the art of small talk and it’s benefits. So, talk about the weather! Good luck.

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Make up an excuse to talk to someone.

“Hey, do you have a pen I could borrow?”
“Did you catch that date the teacher mentioned? I missed it.”
“So, have you started thinking about your essay topic yet?”

Little things like that have always helped me when I’m in a class full of strangers. Less awkward than “Hi, I’m Frank, what’s your name?” And hey, you’ve got to have something in common with your classmates, otherwise you wouldn’t be taking the same courses.

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Start with one or two people in each class. Introduce yourself, talk about class, the assignments and the readings. When the next class comes, or you see a person that you know elsewhere on campus, greet them by name. Gradually add more people to the list of those whose names you know. Community colleges have an interesting mix of students of all ages and life experiences.

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I found community college harder to just strike up conversations with fellow students as most are in a massive hurry to either get home or to their job. Still an invitation to go get a cup of coffee is usually well received and it never hurts to ask.

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Ask questions. People love to talk about themselves.

Ask someone if they have a pet at home. Then listen carefully to what they say and comment on it.

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Complain about something. Trust me, it’ll work.

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Don’t force it. Small group discussions, small team projects, pair work, and peer review of papers are being used more and more frequently as instructional methods, often supplemented by online forums, so you’ll probably have opportunities to interact with your classmates very soon. Let something like that be your icebreaker. Then you might consider inviting some classmates to form a study group, especially if people are disappointed with their grades after the first quiz, test, or paper.

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Talk to strangers. You never know who might end up being an interesting person.

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I usually crack an inappropriate joke for classmates around me. Someone usually reacts, and the rest is history, or math, or whatever class you’re in.

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Just ask simple questions. LIke whats yours name? Why are you takin this class.?. Then just small talk from there. Just say whats on your mind unless its innapropriate or something haha. be yourself :P

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