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What does it mean when you dream about Death?

Asked by 12fpasiama (43points) January 18th, 2011

So, i had this dream that one of cousins was going to die in a vary hurtful death, the next morning i told my Siblings what my dream was and two weeks later my cousin that was in my dream died in a car accident. Does anyone know what this mean? this has been going on for two years know.

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Your life is about to change.

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here is a website that is about different dream subjects, including death among many others

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hmmm, what do you think it means @12fpasiama do you think you have special powers?

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In dream symbolism, death means sex.

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Maybe your just a little preoccupied with death and the dark side of life at the moment. I recommend you go out take a walk and smell the roses, take life a little lighter and come to the bright side. There is one you know… I think this was just a coincidence.

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It means nothing, unless crows are also in the dream.
Check this out

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Dreams don’t mean anything.

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Was your cousin known for reckless driving?

Anyway. You have to be careful. You have to learn to enter your dreams a take control of them. Let no more cousins die on your watch.

Entering your dream is called lucid dreaming and if you google lucid dreaming, you’ll find a gazillion hits. Start reading. Start doing the exercises. You don’t want these dreams to keep on bothering you—whether they warn of death or not.

You dream about death because you choose to dream about it. Asking what it means is kind of irresponsible because it means you are in denial about what you are doing to yourself. These kinds of dreams mean you need to take better care of yourself. Especially if you are depressed. You can’t afford to feel that way any more.

Meditation and yoga will help. These techniques help you learn to still your mind, and let the non-thoughts come up (non-thoughts are what dreams are made of). You will learn not to let these particular non-thoughts bother you. You will also learn to still yourself so that when you dream, you can recognize it (the ideas about death are a dead give-away), and intervene before things get bad.

It’s a lot of work, but you have a moral responsibility to take better care of yourself. When you are in pain, others are in pain. You have to learn how to fix yourself.

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Dreams are your brain’s way of exercising while you are asleep. It is entirely up to you to interpret the meaning, if there is one. Anyone who tries to tell you what your dreams mean is making it up.

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But then TWO years after my Cousin died i had another Dream that my sister was badly hurt.. TWO months later my sister came home from Las vages and was shot in both thighs.

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It would be easy to invoke some fallacy and apply some meaning to a dream, but dreams don’t have meaning. They’re simply a relay of amalgamated thoughts. Yours is no different.

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