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Question from elementary school days... Would you rather have a late start, or an early release for a half day?

Asked by marigold23 (19points) January 18th, 2011

I remember back in elementary school, that my brother and i used to argue over which is better to have off of school: a late start, or an early release. School starts at eight, and ends at three. Late start starts at 11, while early release releases at 12.

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An early release. In elementary school, I wasn’t so tired out by (procrastinating on) homework, and then there’s more good daytime to play with.

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@Zaku I agree completely. I loved getting out of school at 11:00 on the early release days.

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Early release. “Minimum days”, as they were called when we got out at 12 or sometimes earlier, were always fun. :P

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Definitely early release. At that age I would have been up early enough anyway. As a teenager I’d have preferred the late start.

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When I was in elementary school in the US in the late-1960s, this schedule didn’t exist for my school system. I’m from the mountains with heavy snowfall. The bus drivers put chains on their buses and we waited at the bus stop until the bus arrived or stayed in school until the end of the scheduled day.

Of course there were times when school was cancelled completely. Once we missed nearly an entire month and had to go into the summer to make up the days. I wonder why it has changed. The same school system, and many of the exact same school buildings where I attended school, now adjusts the schedule, not only for snow, but for days that are too hot.

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Early release. I’d rather get school over with.

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