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What kind of snob are you?

Asked by Seelix (14886points) January 18th, 2011

Come on, admit it. We’re all snobs of some kind, whether or not we’re willing to fess up. What kind of snob are you?

I’ll start.

I’m a punk rock snob.

I’m also a book snob, and tend to look down upon people who don’t read.

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Music snob.

You enjoy Nickelback? We can’t be friends.

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I’m a phone snob. An iPhone to me is like a Big Mac to a food snob.

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Book and indie music snob.

If other people have heard of the band, I’ll probably stop liking it.

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I’m a “red hair” snob. . . Meaning I have red hair, and don’t think everyone who claims to be a red head qualifies.

I’m also a manual transmission snob.

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Book snob and occasional coffee snob. I lived in Seattle for 18 years…it was a requirement for residency. ;-)

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I think I might have outgrown my snobbery. I can’t think of anything.

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All around snob.
Antiques: I won’t buy chipped, marred, not running, etc.
Clothes: I buy the best quality of fabrics/materials I can afford in my range.
Foods: I eat anything to survive but if given choices then I have definite preferences.
Books: I’m not supposed to keep books anymore but I sure like to feel up hardbounds.
Music: I’m still a sucker for live shows.

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@Neizvestnaya You’re my kinda girl.

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:-/ I collect hand tools & power tools, antique & new… So I guess I’m a tool snob!

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An “appearance” snob, I guess. I don’t like being around people who look and act any kind of way.
I’m also a natural hair snob because hating yourself isn’t cool.

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I’m a news junkie, and I try not to look down at people who don’t keep up with things, but I fail sometimes.

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Intellectual humanitarian environmentalist snob.

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I am a cheese and chocolate snob. Fair-trade chocolate and small-farm cheese, please.

I am also a bungalow snob. NO VINYL WINDOWS for freakin’ sake!

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I am a “work” snob. I think able bodied people should have to work for their income.

I am also a tax snob. I think everyone should pay their fair share of taxes.

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Spatula snob.

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@lucillelucillelucille – That made me ell-oh-ell. So, which types of wildebeest do you consider sub-par?

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I’m a bit of a music snob; if you hate classical music or only know Beethoven’s 9th, I might think a little less of you…same goes for if you don’t know any music beyond rock and its many sub-genres.

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@Seelix The one’s that lack individual thought. ;)

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@Jude – I just saw your edit. On behalf of Canada, sorry about that.

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@Seelix I’m a Canuck, too. They make me want to ram corn on the cob holders in my ears.

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@Jude – Oops, sorry! I must have missed that somehow. In that case, on behalf of myself, Jude and the rest of Canada, sorry about Nickelback.

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I’m an academia snob.

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I am all kinds of snob. And the older I get the more snobby I become.

Poetry snob, is the poet American? Sorry not interested. Over a page long? Nah. Is the poet still alive? Do I know them personally? No, ok, I won’t read it.
Food snob. I went to culinary school and lived in New York. Which makes me a pizza and bagel snob by default.
God snob. Do you believe in nonsense? Might as well worship Loki.
Movie snob.
Motorcycle snob. British motorcycles are the best.
Music snob. I don’t listen to the radio.
I’m real snobbish about taste, and aesthetics.
Art snob, walking around museums going, “this ones crap, that’s rubbish, this one is ok and this one I like.”

The things I love, I get the snobbiest over. And I love many things. I’m snobby.

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Metal snob.
Movie snob.
Pizza snob.

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I’m an anti-snob snob. I don’t do snob.

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Grammar snob. I ain’t got no use for people who talk bad.

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It seems I am a paper towel snob, we just went through that on another Q.

I don’t think I am a snob about most things, but I do know quality when it comes to clothing, the perfect mix of coca cola syrup and soda, and bra snob (which I find funny someone else also said bras also).

But, not a snob in the sense that I feel I am better than anyone, or look down on them if they don’t know any better. These material things mean nothing in the end.

I actually don’t buy a lot of clothes, and am fine buying moderate brands most of the time. Although, it is hard to find moderate clothing these days, it is either junk or Armani. Rarely drink coke anymore, because I gave up caffeine many years ago, just cheat every once in a while. But, I do only buy better bras, Wacoal, Calvin Klein, On Gossamer. I worked for Wacoal and CK for a while, and there really os a big difference compared to cheaper bras.

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@JLeslie You reminded me I’m also a toilet paper snob.

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I’m a cotton snob too. Kierland brand (COSTCO) has great men’s t-shirts that beat the hell out of Hanes and Fruit of the Loom. Merona (Target) and Champion brand men’s boxer briefs are better than Hanes and Fruit of the Loom, on par though with Calvin Klein men’s boxer briefs which I find at Nordstrom rack for less money than the other brands.

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@Taciturnu Haha. I only buy Cottonelle. The paper towels are Bounty by the way. I like the patterns.

Gosh, actually if we look at it in terms of brand loyalty, which is a slightly different question to me, my list is reeeaaalllly long.

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@JLeslie I also am very loyal to my brands- Everything else from cleaning products to frozen vegetables. Toilet paper has to be Charmin or Cottonelle… Particularly the rippled kind. Paper towels for me are Bounty or Scott, but I’m willing to bend for a sale.

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Beer snob, although we prefer to call ourselves beer geeks.

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If anything, I suppose computer games. I pride myself on having a lot of knowledge about the games I love, and I occasionally do correct people when they’ve completely miscomprehended something about the game.

Maybe I’m a bit of a snob about atheism/evolution/religion too. Just a teeny tiny little bit.

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@Taciturnu I don’t bend on things I consider myself to be brand loyal to. I just open my wallet and shell out the dough. But there are things I do shop by price.

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I think I’m an appearance snob, I don’t understand why some people just go out looking as if they just woke up or jumped on a wrinkle grenade to save their friends.

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@JLeslie I’ve got the die-hard brand loyal category (like TP) , the usually choose because it’s preferred but not imperative category (like PT) , and the really don’t care at all category (like cottonballs). It’s funny to see what things are important to a person.

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@Taciturnu Pretty much sums up how I feel also.

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Guitar snob. Fender solid bodies and Gretch Hollow bodies….anything else…meh!

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Gaming snob
Computer snob
Electronics snob
Math snob (If you can’t isolate variables intuitively, _you suck!)

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I am a running snob, I love that I can run 10k at my age.
I am a dog snob, it doesn’t have to be purebred, it just has to be super smart and well made and agile.
I am a scooter snob, I love mine and wonder why everyone doesn’t ride one as they do in Asian countries. Costs me about $5 in fuel every 2 weeks and fuel is more here than USA.
I am sure there are more but I can’t think of any at the moment.
(I hate cottonelle, it shreds when doing its job, ewwwwwwwwwwww!)

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@Taciturnu here is my brand loyal new Q

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I’m probably the biggest pizza snob on the planet.

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Book snob, I also tip my nose a little at people who don’t read and appearance snob, for gawd’s sake brush your hair and your teeth,and leave the t-shirt pants at home!! I didn’t know I could call me a book snob- ha!

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I think I may be a cuteness snob. I totally don’t agree with a lot of people on who is and isn’t cute or hot. Take Megan Fox (please), she is completely not cute or hot to me. The actress from Mike and Molly (Molly), is totally cute.

I may be a tool snob, but only because I hate cheap junk that dies after one poorly done job. I buy the best I can afford. I try not to judge anyone else by what they use.

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Although I despise snobbery, like get a life losers, I have to say i’m a bit of a golf snob. “What the fuck is he wearing now?......“Yeah nice shot bud”.... barely concealed giggles. That kind of thing.

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Nice @deni being from Chicago I have to ask what is you favorite Pizza then?

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For all of you who are book snobs, here is an old question of mine you might find interesting.

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I’m a music snob too. I can’t help but think that people who are only interested in modern music/whatever’s popular are idiots. Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for keeping up with new material but I don’t like it when people limit themselves to just the new.

I’m also a bit of a pop culture snob. Those people that wear the Che Guevara tshirt but, more than likely, couldn’t tell you who he was or what made him (in)famous. I want to punch them in the head.

trailsillustrated's avatar

coffee- la pavoni lever + illy beans = love
music – underground and indie
jeans- wrangler and lee = no

deni's avatar

@Cruiser So thin that you can hardly see the crust :) There’s this place near home in PA called Vincents and the crust is probably half a millimeter thick and the cheese is so runny when it’s hot that it’s like soup. It is the experience of a lifetime, I’m hardly kidding. My brother’s middle name is Vincent for a good reason.

At the same time though, I appreciate a really well done Chicago style pizza as well. I only scoff at pizza such as what I mostly see out here (Colorado)....these people do not understand pizza. It is a wonder of the world. Too much sauce…...cheese that tastes like cardboard, hard crust. UGH. I’m going to have nightmares just thinking about it. But, the positive is, since there’s hardly any good pizza around, I’m now a pro at making it. Ooga chucka!

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@deni That pizza sounds yummy! There is a place near my house that blows away the big names here in the Chicago area and it too is a thin crust that is to die for. I like their meat lovers version that piled high with all sorts of meats. I am hungry now!!

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@Cruiser oooooooooooh god

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@Cruiser I was with you until you started piling meat on it!

Cruiser's avatar

@rooeytoo Their veggie pizza with spinach and garlic is super yummy and my 2nd favorite!

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@Leanne1986 – I hear ya on the Che Guevara issue. Mr. Fiance is an admirer of Che, but doesn’t want to wear a t-shirt because of the fact that everyone does without realizing the meaning behind it. So when I saw a t-shirt once that had a quote on it, I had to buy it for him.

It says: “No somos amigos, no somos familiares, ni siquiera nos conocemos pero si a ud. como a mí le indigna cualquier acto de injusticia que se comete en el mundo, entonces seremos compañeros” – loosely translated: “We are not friends, we are not family, we don’t even know one another. But if you, like me, are outraged by any act of injustice committed in the world, then we are comrades”.

Much cooler than just his face, I think.

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@Cruiser – and here I thought you were a purist, I am a tad disillusioned! heheheh!!!

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@rooeytoo Life is too short to always play by the rules!!

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I’m a weed snob. I only smoke the best and I don’t fuck with that mexican brick shit.

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@deni, the recipe I gave you is for paper thin cracker crisp crust. Let me know what you think if you get to try it.

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@Seelix That is cool.

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beer, book, chinese food Love beer-and prefer to drink good, love books-and if you don’t read you’re probably not my friend, and love chinese food-sometimes the spicier the better.

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movie / coffee / beer / water snob

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food snob definitely(:
my old friends used to tease me :D

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Music, beer, coffee, bike, computer, backpacking gear, cheese and toilet paper…in that order.

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I know what kind of snob I am NOT. I am not a boobie snob. I like ‘em all.

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I’m a theater and acting snob—I don’t like actors that only act from their voice boxes or overact.
I’m also a low-quality-work snob… if it’s going to be done, I think it should be done the best it can be and its full potential brought out. I’ve learned to bite my tongue because quality is different for everyone and not everyone sees the same potential range for high quality that others do and sometimes there just isn’t time for the ‘best’ to be created.

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Movie snob.

You enjoyed Gulliver’s Travels (2010)? We can’t be friends.

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I am The Anti-Snob.
Snobby people have been wearing me out lately. Why are snobs unrelentingly judgmental? Do they do anything other than hide themselves behind the things they are snobby about? It seems to me that snobby people need do constantly define themselves with material things. Okay, it sounds like I have a complex with this whole snob issue. Please shed some light on what you get out of being snobby. I really don’t mean to be offensive here. I just dread the nasty snob in my life.

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I’m a snob snob, I’m a regular connoisseur of the aficionado.
My snobs are the finest snobs around.

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I don’t know if I have the energy to be an enthusiastic expert on anything anymore. I used to be passionate about health, coffee, and spirituality. I would share my enthusiasm, knowledge, and experiences and was meat with glazed over eyes or the insult of being accused of being a glorified expert. I eventually stopped sharing my thoughts on the topics I was passionate about because I got sick of people being asses toward me while simultaneously expecting me to answer their questions. I got the message, “Don’t be smarter than me but think for me anyway.” Perhaps I am the fossil of a snob…a sort of snob has-been turned or a jaded snob relic turned anti-snob.

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