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If they were real, would you want Superman or Batman to save you?

Asked by Aesthetic_Mess (7887points) January 19th, 2011


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Do I really need to answer this one? :P

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Superman—he seems more “normal” than that deep, dark Batman. He could save me, and we’d go see a movie together ;-)

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I want Catwoman. She was smokin hot.

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Depends on how much trouble I was in.
If I was in really big trouble, like say, out of ammo with the enemy on all sides, than I would pick Superman since he is bulletproof and could extract me all by himself.
If I was in little trouble, like alone on a city street facing the local gangbangers, I would take Batman, since I could knock a few heads myself and then get a ride in the batmobile with the hope that I might get to drive.

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Superman. He has super strength and all that other stuff, but Batman just has gadgets.

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Batman because he relied on his mind. woof! :)

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I wouldn’t care if I needed saving.

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Batman because he is way sexier.

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No, I’d want Wonder Woman to save me.

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Wonder Woman! She can wrap her satin tight clad legs around my back anytime :¬)

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Batman. From the Joker. Cause then I could watch the epic battle that would ensue.

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I’d want a clone of myself, “SPEEDSKATER MAN”, to save me, because I know he’d do one helluva job! He’s fast and powerful, tall and muscular, smart and efficient.

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