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Whats your job like?

Asked by giggles (162points) April 11th, 2008 from iPhone

I’m graduating high school soon and I would LOVE to be an investment banker. But I wanna explore other jobs!! So please tell me what your job is and little bit about it!!!!

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I do policy work as my day job and I used to work at an organization that did stuff with sexual abuse and the like and it was really rewarding but really difficult to deal with. I really like policy analysis overall though and I’m excited to be getting my master’s in it. I think it’s a great field and it’s something that you can combine with business studies.

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I’m a carpenter, and it’s like making peoples dreams come to life, from a pile of lumber! Being most people’s largest investment, and most having to talk to a banker! Your desired career is a large part of whether I get to make those dreams come true!

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Up until yesterday I was a writer for ABC. My only advice to you is don’t settle for anything less than “investment banker” if that’s what you want. I want to work in movies, not television and I quickly realized I was being sucked into a “comfort zone” that would have taken me to my grave, so I quit.

My job was about sitting in pointless meetings with pointless people blabbering about pointless ideas and everyone else thought of the same situation as important meetings with important people conversing about important ideas.

Modesty and selflessness were rare delicacies in my job and the ego flowed like milk and honey. I thought being in that situation would give me the opportunity to work toward my ultimate goals, only to realize it’s a vicious trap that preys on the hopeful and excretes the defeated.

Springboard careers are quickly fading so grab that bull by its balls and jerk it off.

Good luck.

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Giggles, may I ask why you want to become an investment banker? Times are tough now for the industry; I know many new grads this year who have already gotten laid off at Bear Sterns… they haven’t even started their jobs yet and they’ve already been fired. Pretty scary.

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well the reason im interested in this job is because i took a career test online asking me 150 questions and my number one choice was investment banker. so i researched it and it grew on me more and more!! i think its the fact that it deals with business and money!!! i absolutly love math and numbers and business!!!!! its something that i have always been interested in!!

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@Giggles, I think it’s great that you want to do it because you have a passion for numbers. The reason I asked is because all the investment bankers I know are so burned out and they hate their jobs. I would say about 99% of the industry is full of people who are in it strictly for the big money. But you seem to really enjoy it, very rare!

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Another carpenter here. I used to build million dollar houses for people, and doing most of the work myself. Now I just do interior trim work. Much more fulfilling and enjoyable. You can make a very good living at it too if you are good. Like Bulbatron said, you build peoples dreams, and often the things in their homes they enjoy the most.

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@jz thank you!! it is something that i really do enjoy!! if i dont achieve my dream of investment banking i will probably become an entreprenuer and open up my own graphic and design shop!! another interest of mine!!

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@ both carpenters.. i think that is so awesome!!! it makes me warm and happy inside and smile big on the outside to know that there are people out there who enjoy their work and get a great satisfaction that they are making others dreams come true!!!! i applaud you both!!!!!

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if you follow your dreams, you will be happy. Best of luck!

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I am still doing my undergrad. I used to work as an Apple Genius and I hated it. So i decided to quit it and focus completely on my web design career which is fun but unstable because even though I get all the perks of working from home and being my own boss, there isn’t really any guaranteed flow of income.

@giggles: Since you initially decided to become an investment banker in the future based on an online test, my only advice to you would be don’t settle. There are lots of fields out there that deal with math, numbers and business. When you go to college, take classes on different things and figure out what you like – you’ll know when you find out something that you love ( i knew I was destined to be a web designer very soon after i understood html). After looking though your options if you still like investment banker, go ahead and be one. And as teven said, do what you love. Their are industries that don’t have that many jobs (like my minor in college:typography), but if you are good or atleast you think you are doing some great work, chances are some one will recognize that and that would hopefully give you a decent job.

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Basically it’s high stress job where you can’t have a life.

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I work as a psych nurse in a geriatric facility, only work doubles on weekends. My work is physically easy but emotionally draining. Every weekend u are guaranteed to get hit or hit at( gotta move quick) called every name in the book and try to resolve pt to pt conflicts. It is a rewarding job but has definetly not been my favorite field of nursing so far.

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I am Medical Administrator for a podiatric group. I do the billing, surgical scheduling, assist in in office surgical procedures, take xrays, deal with insurance companies when they deny claims, do pre-certs for prescriptions and procedures, train employees, and way too much more. I am presently out recovering from a surgery, but when I return to work, I will be running the office. My manager is going on maternity leave soon, so that will add a lot more to my list of duties. It’s a challenging job, and I love it.

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It’s a boring job.. number crunching. I do data analysis work for a firm. it’s somewhat boring but i need the money. i used to like it but i think working at stretch with numbers and data have kind of fatigued me out. Now do i hear myself complaining. :) I guess it’s alright to let out the feelings sometimes. Any ideas for interesting jobs? I heard New York stagehands earn good enough with all the fun. I won’t mind a switch. :)

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