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Any idea of what the male:female ratio is on Fluther?

Asked by cornman (737points) April 11th, 2008 from iPhone
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That sounds like a good question for the Fluther gods.

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Only the modders and chuck would know.

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After transposing your topics, it says too, many, guys! What’s up with that corn? I thought you were married! You know this isn’t a dating site! Right?

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I don’t think even the Fluther Gods know. I don’t remember being asked my gender when I registered.

(What’s your obsession with Chuck lately, HP?)

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@HP, is your wife into Chuck, not ‘into’ into but does she appreciate his splendor?

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Okay peedub and I have had a little side bet to see how far a I can take the chuck thing…

She knows very little of him, it’s for the best.

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Sorry, I’m kind of an instigator.

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@hairy Is Chuck about to give the “Chuckercup” or the “ButterChuck” in that picture? I smell the stench of death!

Also, I’m the Fluther-Fairy, dolling out mad points, KID!

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His farts are illegal in 30 diff states.

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Yeah, but who’s gonna enforce it on Chuck? He’s the Ranger’s Ranger! I mean DAMN, he beat the $#!+ out of a bear! Nobody has done that since, Davey Crockett!

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pshhh, why fight the bear when you can be like Grizzly Man and live with the bears!

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Well, Delirium is a robot, so don’t forget to count her in as a robot.

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But is she the hottest robot of all? ... The very rare female robot?! ... Mmmm, female robot.

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Hahahaha, I get a category all my own! <3

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90% male 8 % female 1% robot 1%chuck

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@bulbatron Ya , I’m not looking to date. Just curious about the ratio. Seems like there’s way more guys.

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i agree, it does seem like way more males then females!

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