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What's the easiest way to clean out your computer for more space?

Asked by jabag11 (676points) January 19th, 2011

It seems that I am running out of space on my computer, I heard there are usually files on your computer that you don’t need, how can i find those? or what should i do, I don’t even know?

I have a macbook pro 10.5.8.

I already bought an ex hard drive, but instead of emptying some stuff onto the hard drive I would rather try emptying out the laptop of stuff I don’t need?

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Some of the ways you can do this are to delete all languages you don’t use. Another, smaller, way it to Secure Empty Trash. Do this through the finder.

Here is a link that will help some. Google your issue and you can learn how to correctly delete languages you don’t use.

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GrandPerspective can help you find large files.

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Delete files? I do this daily. Since I have saved 7K emails. lol

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thankgs gys!

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ccleaner is a great program to clean up a lot of junk and temp files. Depending on your settings, this can free up a lot of space.

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If you have access to an Apple store, they are super helpful at walking you through decluttering your mac – I have a macbook pro as well but I’ve only had it 6 months so I’m no where near getting full! The things that take up the most room are photos and videos in my opinion. I periodically go through mine and ask myself if it’s worth keeping.

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