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Can you inform the Fluther community of your current snow report?

Asked by erichw1504 (26391points) January 19th, 2011

Snow storms have been occuring all over America as well as other countries in the past couple months. Since we’re still in the middle of Winter let’s hear your report on the weather.

How much snow have you received at your home so far? What was the worst storm you’ve gotten this Winter? Is there currently snow in your forecast? Is it actually snowing right now? Is this above or below an average snowfall for your area? How bad would it have to be for you to not leave your home?

Bonus: What is the worst snow storm you have ever experienced? How many total inches (or feet) did you get with this storm?

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We’ve gotten about 6 inches total so far in South-western Illinois, contributed by two storms. A new storm is currently on its way and plans to dump up to 6 more inches.

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There is snow on Mauna Kea.

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We had flurries twice in November, but they didn’t stick.

Then we had a good snow storm about a week or so ago that left about 4–6 inches on the ground (some of which is still on the ground because it’s been so cold).

It started snowing again this morning and we’re expected to get 4–8 inches. I’d say we already have gotten 2–3 inches and it’s still coming down. It’s expected to keep snowing until tomorrow or Friday. I love it.

I think the worst snow storm I’ve ever been in was when I was a little girl (maybe 4 or 5 years old). I think there was about 2 feet of snow on the ground (by the looks of the pictures).

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I used to live just outside of Syracuse, NY. This city was in the direct path of “lake effect snow” that almost always pounds Upstate New York with snow every Winter. So, there have been many times during my childhood where there has been over 2 feet of snow on the ground. I loved it, though. There were many epic snowball fights and tunnels that were dug.

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It is snowing here right now. It has snowed at least a little everyday now for about two weeks. I think we have an average amount of snow for my area. We will get more snow for the next few days at least.
The worst snow that I remember closed all the roads, stopped all the freight trains, (we have no passenger trains), closed schools for almost two weeks. If you didn’t have a snowmobile, cross country skis or snowshoes, you didn’t go.

@hawaii_jake I have seen and played in the snow on Mauna Kea. Well… I threw a snowball.

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Snow? What’s snow?

We did have some frost a week or two ago.

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@erichw1504 Syracuse had over 6 feet in December and it’s been pounded all of January. We’re an hour south and have had about half as much.

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@Adirondackwannabe I know! Most of my family still lives there. Pretty funny.

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No snow. It melted away just after Christmas.

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I was in San Diego all week. 75 degrees and sunny.

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In Toronto, we’ve gotten about a foot or so this year, give or take. Nothin’.

I remember some craaaazy snowstorms from my childhood, where we’d get 2 feet or more in a day. My dad used to have to shovel the snowbanks on the sides of the driveway because they got too tall for the snowblower to blow any more snow over them. In more recent years, the worst snowfall I can remember was about 20 inches (forgive me here, I’m estimating) overnight. It was windy, too, so I was wading through thigh-high snow to try to get my car out.

Here’s a bonus bonus: the coldest temperature I’ve ever personally witnessed was at my parents’ cottage when I was about 10 years old. It was -52C (which is -61.6F) on the thermometer. We took a picture of it. I bet it was even colder than that with the windchill, but they didn’t really do stuff like that so much 20 years ago.

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We should get 4 to 6 in KY tomorrow…and I adore snow.

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None (sigh).

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Central Alberta- we have about 11/2 feet which is a foot more than last year. About 9 inches fell in one day with blizzard winds, closed roads all over, semi’s in ditches, tow truck wait was 12 hours and it was 27 C below. When I was a kid in this area we had a storm that blew snow drifts so high we couldn’t get our front door open and my dad and uncle had to dig out our back door that had outside steps. We had snow forts built into drifts against the house every winter. My kids have never had that kind of snow.

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I live close to the city of London check this video of the snow out:

And check this article about the snow:

The article doesn’t tell you that on our major highway we had to shut it down while there were over 200 people stranded there many were evacuated by helicopters, army and so on, a city about an hour from London declared a state of emergency. London had basically the city closed for 3 solid days just for snow cleanup. But in 1977 people were stuck in there homes. This picture is also a great view:

No snow today we have had quite a few warmer days it’s melting away slowly 

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We had 30” the day after Christmas which is about as much snow at one time as I can ever remember. Since then, there have been two storms; in each of them we got about another 6 inches.

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We are expecting quite a bit here in cincinnati. Winter Storm Warning out. Or is it Winter Weather Advisory. I don’t know. People here freak out when it starts snowing. I don’t know why.

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We had ~two feet come down over the last fortnight, some has melted away; then a sleet storm yesterday morning, now it’s really cold and icy. We’re due some more snow on Friday morning. Probably not very much.

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Snow? Hahaha. It’s in the mid-70’s here. Los Angeles.

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It was 80 degrees yesterday here in the Inland Empire, Southern CA. The beautiful snow capped mountains that were there a week or two ago are long gone. D:

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In the middle of SC (Lexington) we had a dusting right after Christmas, 5 inches last week, and are forecasted to have some snow next week.

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More snow is predicted for Thursday night. We had over two feet on December 26. We had two storms this month and two school closings.

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Forgot to add: NYC. Worst snow I’ve ever been in was the Madison, WI blizzard of Dec. 1990. We had 17” of snowfall in 24 hours, then the Milwaukee blizzard of Jan. 1979, which was declared a federal emergency, but was only 14”.

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None, with a slight chance of never.

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Disney has their fake soap-bubble snow falling in their ‘Demented Osbourne Family Lights’ area at Hollywood Studios in Orlando…..but that’s about it so far.

To the best of my knowledge, all of the local schools are still open….

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