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Do you enjoy Winter?

Asked by Berserker (33404points) December 2nd, 2012

Are you a fan of Winter? Do you perhaps enjoy Winter sports, like bob sleighing or skiing? Do you like what the season looks like? What are your thoughts on Winter?

Personally I love Winter, always have. I don’t do anything special, but I just like it. Of course, I’m not a fan of freezing to death either, but otherwise I always loved the season. It looks pretty and smells cool lol. I do like taking walks out in the snow though, that’s probably the extent of my Winter activities. Plus it’s fun snuggling in bed when it’s all cold. I never turn on the heating in my room for that very reason. The only thing I’m missing is a fireplace, that would be neat.

So, do you like it or not? A lot of people don’t like Winter, as well. I understand it can be Hell for people with cars. Having to wake up forty minutes earlier than usual to warm up the car and scrape off all the ice from the windows…nasty slush in the streets, storms…and of course, some people live in places where Winter doesn’t exist.

So, whatever your preference or situation, let’s talk about Winter! Like it or not? If you’ve never experienced it, do you think you’d like to?

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I don’t have anything against Winter itself, but I do hate cold weather. I grew up in a tropical place where there is only one season (some years two, and that consists of a dry season and a rainy season). I moved to the US during my second year of high school (Rhode Island, to be precise) and during that first winter I got caught in a blizzard on my way home from school. I’d never heard of blizzards before and I should’ve gotten the clue that it was going to get pretty bad when I saw that the streets were unusually deserted. I began panicking when the winds started blowing the snow around and I couldn’t see an inch in front of me. How I made it home is still a mystery to me, but I do remember thinking back to when I used to watch Tom and Jerry and wondering if that was how Jerry must’ve felt when he was thrown out of the house on snowy nights. The one good thing that came out of that experience is that school was canceled for two whole weeks! But now I’ve moved to the south where the winters are nowhere as cold (it’s 80F today) and I love it!

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It’s my favorite season. I love the snow and I don’t mind shoveling it. I also love hiking in the woods with a little snow on the ground. You’ll catch me outside with the kids making snowmen and sledding and building snow forts. I was a snow baby, born in January. Maybe that has something to do with my love of the season? Some things I haven’t done but am looking forward to trying are ice fishing and snowmobiling. Winter makes me feel alive.

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I do like winter. I like sipping hot tea or hot chocolate when it’s cold. I love the shapes of the bare trees.

I love walking in the woods in snow. I like sledding.

We turn the heat off at night and open the window in our bedroom so we can snuggle under the covers.

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I do not like winter. I grew up in the tropics as well, and cold is bad for the health. My least favorite thing is that the sun is about to set in 40 minutes.

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I like all the seasons but fall/winter are my favorites.
Spring is beautiful too, but I really don’t like the summer heat anymore and I have so many watering chores that I am burned out and ready for everything to die by Sept. lol
The west coast just got our first really good size storms the last 4–5 days and I am loving it.
This morning was great, wild winds, torrential rains. We’re just getting started. :-)

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Nope, not at all. I simply tolerate winter, make the best of it, and try to keep my life worthwhile until springtime arrives.

I think I have a messed-up “thermostat.” When it’s 105 farenheit/40.5 celcius degrees, I feel great. When the temperature dips to 45 farenheit/7 celcius degrees, I shiver, suffer, and can never get warm. For me, the cold is truly painful.

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@PaulSadieMartin I’m a lot like you, although my tolerance for cold temperatures is a lot lower. As soon as it hits 70F I start to shiver. I’ll be the person wearing a jacket (sometimes 2), long pants, and sneakers in the midst of a shorts and tank-top clad crowd. You’ll even find me sleeping with socks on and a thick comforter on hot (90F+) summer days.

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No. Cold weather blows.

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Hell, yeah! I like winter!

I have lived in Michigan & Chicago most of my life. When I lived in LA I would always come back to enjoy winter.

Hiking in the snow, skiing, skating, staying inside because there’s a lot of snow, watching the snow fall, even shoveling snow…

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@jordym84 Wow! You really do have a low tolerance for the cold. Do you have any health issues that might make you react so strongly?

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@PaulSadieMartin nope, no health issues that I know of. I like to attribute my intolerance for cold weather to the fact that I was born and raised in a country of eternal summers (we spent our winter holidays basking in the sun at the beach).

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I dunno, but there are aspects of winter that I adore. I love snow, gingerbread cookies, hot chocolate, snuggling up indoors with a good book or video game…granted, I detest shoveling snow, lol. The only thing I really dislike about winter is that it tends to drag on for far too long around where I live.

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Put it this way, if it weren’t for xmas & snow, winter would be fucking terrible…..I think my answer must therefore be yes, I think.

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I enjoy the first gentle snowfall that actually sticks to the ground and is at least 6” deep. I like the silence it creates and the softness and smell of the air. After that, it gets more and more annoying. I don’t care for the wind, ice, and freezing. And I hate the cold, melting slush towards the end of winter. Yuck.

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No, I prefer tropical weather with temps in the 70’s range at all times. I don’t mind rain.

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Actually, I’m more of an autumn person, as I don’t like the cold all that much. And although snow is attractive to look at, I don’t like being out in it or having generally having to travel in it when it’s coming down (or otherwise).

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I like winter if only because it makes me appreciate spring and summer all the more. And the horrible nights of driving sleet make you appreciate a warm home. But there is nothing more beautiful than hills covered in snow and shining in the sun.

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Actually last night here was awesome! Wild wind and rain and I went out to my hot tub around 10:30 and alternately simmered and then stood up in the wind with the rain pouring down on me. Icey cold little needle stabs, then sink back down into the bubbling bliss.
It was great!

I spent about 40 minutes just playing in my tubby in the rain.
Yes, I enjoyed a happy brownie, but I’d do it anyway. lol:-p

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@Coloma You have put an image into my mind.

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Used to be an avid skier, now I couldn’t care less about it, and I despise winter.

It’s cold, dark and wet, what’s to like?

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@flutherother Haha….it was great, I want an encore but the rain is clearing up now.

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I love snow and winter is my favorite season because of it. I’m not fond of shoveling, but that’s just because I’m lazy. I do like to drive in it – if only there were no other people on the road who don’t know what they’re doing. I, too, like the quiet stillness of the snow, and the crisp air and the way it sparkles in the sun. I like the bedroom cold and getting snugly under the covers.

@bookish1 – You say ”cold is bad for the health”... yes, in the extreme, as is extreme heat. I wonder if there are statistics of heat-related deaths vs. cold-related deaths. I do know that in winter they don’t issue warnings the way they do in summer… such as air quality problems due to humidity and smog for those with respiratory problems. When it’s cold, you can put on more layers; but when it’s hot, you’re still hot when naked.

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@hearkat: I meant that a bit glibly. But the cold is bad for my already weak immune system and poor circulation.

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@Michael_Huntington does it mean that I am evil, if I kinda liked that tune you just linked? o_O

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@bookish1 – I see. Thanks for the clarification.

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I hate being cold. But all my life I have lived places with cold winters so I guess I’m not too actively trying to get away from it. I used to ski, still do every once in a while, and I do find snow very beautiful. But cold temperatures are what does it for me, and I hate them. Plus everything is dead.

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Not since I moved to Seattle.

I spent most of my winters loving the snow; we rarely get any here, and when we do, it is less in a season than I am used to in a night. I am used to people being able to drive in the snow, but people here are dangerous on the road at the best of times, and get dangerously stupid when the white stuff falls. (The brakes stop the tires from turning; whether or not that actually stops the car from moving is another matter entirely! Yet many here think that the brake pedal will grab onto the fabric of space-time and halt their slide.) I am used to seeing a picturesque frosting of the tree branches and vast fields of white, not an urban “landscape”.

Most of all, I am used to life being able to continue with at worst a 2-hour delay after an 18-inch dumping, not having the entire city shut down for three days after 3 inches. Fucking pussies….

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I live in Alaska, so I’m biased, but I hate winter with all of my heart and soul.

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Yes, I agree with @hearkat it is easier to warm up than cool down.
I love the summer nights here when it cools down some, but unless you want a $600 AC bill it sucks trying to fall asleep when it is still 85 degrees at midnight even with fans on.

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I like this image of winter. It comforts me.

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If we could get good produce and the driving was easier, mainly the other drivers that don’t know how to drive in winter conditions, it would be great. I love the quiet of a good snowstorm, the beauty of the trees, the birds at the feeders, snowshoeing, kids playing, winter sports (frigging hockey owners), etc. I don’t even mind shoveling, it’s great cardio. But I miss my veggies.

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@bookish1 I didn’t see you with your camera down there!

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@Adirondackwannabe I do love one or two good snowstorms a year…..Not sure how I’ll feel this winter with being alone.

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@janbb Line up someone to take care of the driveway, maybe the walks. It takes a load off knowing that’s not a problem.

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Well – my friend Jay is going to give me a snowblower lesson and would probably come over to help but he lives about 10 miles away. I should probably have a backup plan too.

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I would love to shovel for you if I could @janbb.

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I’m not too worried about the shoveling part; it’s the being alone. I used to love being in the house and baking during a storm. I do have a close girlfriend about a mile away I can walk over to for company.

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Winter is coming.

I love it… sometimes. I almost always love it while it’s snowing, and while walking on crunchy, sparkling sidewalks late at night. I love it when it’s sort of gray and gloomy and almost humid.

I don’t love it on those dry, clear days when it’s so cold you can feel it in your bones. Those days in February when it’s so bright that your head hurts, and your teeth feel like they’re about to break, and you’ve had enough already. I don’t love it when the snow has been lying around long enough to have been made filthy by cars and animals peeing on it.

But mostly I like it. It still reminds me of Narnia, and the wintry scenes in Anne of Green Gables and The Wind in the Willows, and the crazy snowstorm in The Long Winter. Even though I’m grown up.

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I love winter. Just never a really long one.

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@janbb: I have a reliable guy who plows if there is more than 5”. It makes me feel ok about being here alone with Himself, who wouldn’t pick up a shovel if I had an organic salmon tied to the end of it.

Having a car I feel safe driving on bad roads (including my driveway) during snow storms also makes a huge difference in my sense of well-being. I don’t have a sidewalk, thank goodness.

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Nope. I do love it for three days maybe. The crisp air, virgin snow, etc, but then in very short order I had enough. I moved to FL after college and it changed my life. Generally happier all around. It was being on vacation every day. Even after living in South FL for 14 years that vacation feeling never wore off. I don’t live there anymore, but pretty sure eventually I will get back.

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I don’t know, but I would like to. I have never seen snow (firsthand) in my life (except in the refrigerator and the TV). I live in India, western part. Though we have three distinct seasons – summer, rainy (monsoon), winter, temperatures in the winter vary from 10–15 deg. C in the night to 30 deg. C in the day. Sun is almost always up there during the day. Minimum temperature (record) dipped here was 6 deg. C and it was fine for me (though many did shiver and didn’t like it). Actually, I like winter; I feel fresh and energetic in winters than in summers.

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Nope. Winter here is too harsh. I live at 63 degrees north and we have had well below freezing temperatures for about 5 days now. I have a bad cold. I can’t get my house to warm up enough so I don’t feel chilled, even with 3 or 4 lays on. I am just about out of food to feed the kid, so I am going to have to force my sick ass off the warm sofa, bundle up and wait for the flippin’ bus in the cold.

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I do enjoy winter providing I can stay sheltered and warm when necessary. I don’t mind snow but I hate how this country (England) comes to a bit of a standstill after a heavy downfall.

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No. I hate it. Looks nice, but I don’t like any other aspect of it :)

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I don’t like cold weather or snow, but I don’t mind the long nights. There is no snow where I live, but the temperature does get down to the low thirties.

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