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What was your worst beat?

Asked by eevo19 (33points) April 11th, 2008 from iPhone

what was your worst beat in Texas holdem? I had four of a kind 4s and I lost to 4 of a kind 5s today. Can’t stop thinking about it, I mean, what are the odds????

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That straight up sucks. The worst part is that you obviously weren’t playing at a casino with a bad beat jackpot. That hand could have been easily worth a few ten thousands even with losing.

I don’t have anything that compares. Probably losing a flush to a full house or losing 3 aces to a rivered flush.

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Not Texas hold’em but poker.
Playing dealers choice, after a couple of hours of junk deing dealt to me.
The next game called was “low ball”...
I was dealt four tens and a Queen….
I quit after that…

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