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Where would I buy a good poker set?

Asked by mlissa927 (5points) January 1st, 2007
I'm hoping to find something nice and authentic, not online. 500+ chips@ 11.5 grams
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I'm sure there are some local shops that sell chips (though you might want to specify a location), but I suspect you will have much more success shopping online. Just because a retailer is online doesn't necessarily make them unauthentic... Most products are all coming from the same places. That being said, I can definitely understand the desire to feel a solid chip in my hand before I buy.
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Looks like is selling 500 sets at with weights up to 14 grams. You might try calling a local store and see if you could check them out in person (I don't have personal experience with these chips, but they looks pretty decent).
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I got a great one for not much money on
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Wow, I just looked at the poker chips at Target. There are way too many choices there. Can anyone recommend a specific poker set?
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You could also just go to a casino and buy several thousand dollars of chips. That will make the games more exciting anyone.
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anyway, that is. :(
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Ebay is your best bet. Lots of degenerate gamblers selling off their stuff for cheap.

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