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Have you ever been drawn, painted or photographed in the nude (professionally done, though)

Asked by Jude (32198points) January 20th, 2011

If so, what?

My partner drew me, as well as photographed and painted me in the nude.

First time was the charcoal drawing. It took 2½ hours (the length of the movie Frida), and she fed me grapes and wine the whole time. We weren’t going out quite, yet, but, we had our first kiss (and other things) then. :) Very romantic and hot.

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Yeah, I’ve been a nude model for photo shoots before.

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Of course, it’s always part of the foreplay!

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When I was in college we got paid to pose for art classes. Not buck naked, but this sort of thong/bikini job, alot like a jock strap. Beer money.

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@Jude Joyzus, that is hot. Iv been photographed in the nude plenty of times just not professionally, mostly its been nudie runs on skateboards down the main street at night, or standing in the middle of a river drunk and brandishing a shotgun.. that sort of thing.
Not exactly romantic.

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lol, I think I fell in love with the word joyzus.

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I have also victimized myself that way too .XD

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Never professionally. I feel sort of deprived, now.

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Not professionally, no. ;)

I only had professional photos of me (other than family portraits) done once for senior photos and fashion show pics and I must say, it was incredibly fun. I’d love to do it again, but I’m not so sure about nude… :|

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Follow-up, for those who have posed; where you nervous or shy atall?

I wasn’t. It was actually pretty liberating. :)

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No. But all the art students were so serious! Kind of funny.

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Like Josie, art classes in college. Almost no money, and DAMN that studio was cold in February in New Hampshire!

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Posed yes. Nude nope. But I have painted several nude subjects from live models. It is amazing to have a live model. Photos never depict the glow of the human form. I miss painting people but that is not what pays bills for me.

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Back in my twenties, I posed for an artist friend. He asked me to pose nude, but I refused and insisted on wearing my favorite dress, which was not especially revealing. He did a color sketch, made an oil painting from the sketch, and then gave me the sketch, which I thought was a pretty accurate representation of me in my little green dress, with one leg slung over the arm of a chair.

And he sold the painting, albeit for a pittance, and took me out for a fancy dinner that cost more than he sold the painting for.

Only much later did I find out that he made two color sketches, and that in the second one he undressed me. I never saw it. But he had a good eye and had known me for years, so I imagine he was a good guesser.

So does this count? I don’t know.

Nor do I know which sketch was the basis of the painting he sold. But I think I can guess.

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@Jude No, the environment’s were mostly professional and I’m pretty comfortable nude, especially when it’s looked at as just a “job”.

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I guess twenties is the going age for having nude photo’s or paintings:-). I sat for an artist when I was 21, he was my lover at the time. I’m thankful he only drew the head and shoulders with a fur cape off the shoulders. It’s a beautiful pencil drawing which I have framed and it hangs on the wall as you walk up the stairs.

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Yes, I worked as an artists’ model in my 20s. I have some of the photos from the photography classes and one I especially liked was from a documentary on artist Gene Davis, showing him teaching a class with me as the model.
I also drew and painted others [and myself] in the nude. The ex husband of one of my friends still has her painting many years after her death.

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Ah @Jeruba, painted by a Goya descendant?
What happened to the maja vestida and the maja desnuda drawings?
Maybe they are in a museum someplace.

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Never professionally in the nude or clothed. But by amateurs both ways. The photograph was a sort of you do it and I’ll do it thing. It’s terribly embarrassing. Not because I’m nude, but because I look like a honey pot standing on two legs.

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No, no, no. Never, never, never.

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@anartist, I never thought of that comparison! Wikipedia reminds me that when Spain issued postage stamps depicting La maja desnuda in 1930, the U.S. rejected incoming mail bearing that image.

As I mentioned, the artist gave the clothed sketch to me, and I still have it, with his signature on the back beneath a cryptic little message. I never knew about the other one until much later, and I don’t know what happened to it, but if he was smart (and I think he was) he made it disappear before he got married.

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I rose so rapidly in my career as a nude model that I was compelled to retire early.

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My boyfriend takes photographs of me nude often. I love being photographed especially nude and would love to have some professionally taken. The pictures he takes are not seedy at all although, I’m sure he has some of those of me as well but more of a “celebration” of my body and I wouldn’t mind anyone seeing them.

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Yes, I have. I did a spread for my hubby shortly before the wedding as a gift.

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