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Adding a new computer to Zune Pass without the Zune Device?

Asked by MNCgirl (219points) January 20th, 2011

I just bought a new computer after my old one died unrecoverably. I had Zune Pass on that computer, and I’d like to add the new one, but I have long since lost the old Zune mp3 player I used. How do I add Zune Pass to this computer, or will I have to create a new account and buy a new Zune Pass? I still have nearly 3 months on this one. I’ve already downloaded the Zune software on this computer.

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Sorry, i’m apparently the only person on here (besides you) with zune familiarity. Anywhoo, you should just be able to install the zune software and log in with your current account. The software will notice you have a pass and you’re done.

Also, keep in mind you can have up to 3 computers and 3 devices connected concurrently to a single pass. So if this is only the second you’re fine. Though, you should disconnect the old computer so it doesn’t count against you.

To do that, go into the zune software, then ‘Settings’>‘Account’>‘Computers and Devices’. It should list everything, and simply hit ‘remove’ for those you no longer want/own.

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@BhacSsylan Thanks for replying! I’m trying to do that, but the problem is that even though I’ve signed in and it let me download songs I’d downloaded with song credits, it won’t let me download songs, it just tells me that I need to get a zune pass or use microsoft points (which I don’t have considering I usually use zune pass).

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hmm. check the account page to make sure everything’s kosher as far as the pass, because that doesn’t seem right. I’ve set up three separate computers with my pass, and all i had to do was sign in and it was fine. make sure you’re signed in? Seems silly, but sometimes easy stuff is missed.

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I just checked the account page for the zune website and it says that I still have nearly 3 months, until 3/18/11. When I go on to the Zune program, signed in, it will still NOT allow me to buy music. Checking the account, and under computers and devices, it does not have a “remove” option. It says “first used” under both device and computer. This is getting very frustrating >~<

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Hrm. Okay, so you’re saying you don’t have these remove buttons? And does your new computer not appear on this list? And could I ask you to put up a screenshot of your own? This is really hard to diagnose without a picture.

zune account, computers and devices page.

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The program itself:
The account online saying it doesn’t need renewal until 3/18/11:

By the way, @BhacSsylan, thank you for your continued help!

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Hmm, to use dropbox files for other people, you need to drop it into the ‘public’ folder and then get the public link via the program or web page.

And no problem! I love my zune, and there’s such a small base I try to help anyone I find :-p

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Oh, alright! Moved them.

And I know. I’m surprised that so few people use them, with all the music I listen to, $15 a month is a great buy. That’s why I’m getting so frustrated with this! I want to listen to all my music.

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Okay, sorry, you ahve one more step to link those >.<. Right click on the file, go to dropbox, then ‘copy public link. Sorry. Those links above lead directly to your dropbox, so i can’t access them.

and yeah, i dunno. I think there’s a huge lack of advertising, mostly. Microsoft didn’t throw in enough resources to battle apple. Ah, well.

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hrm. That’s odd. Arg. I can’t recall doing anything different when i set up my other computer, but that was about a year ago. Hmm. Check the account summary page, could you show me that as well? Sorry, but i’m not really sure what i’m looking for.

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Within the Zune Software, go to Settings, Account, and choose any one of the…History selections on the left, then press the “Restore All”. You should be able to get back a lot, but not all. There are limits as to how many times you can download purchased items, because they do not have DRM (Digital Rights Management, meaning they are sort of unlocked). If you still have access to the old machines hard drive, you would need to get them back from there, likely with the filename extension .MP3

Good luck – hope you love your Zune!

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