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What are your methods to concentrate, and motivate yourself during studying?

Asked by sarahjane90 (1805points) January 21st, 2011

How do you encourage yourself to study effectively, and motivate yourself to do it? Do you do anything special to avoid being distracted, especially when you have to work on a significantly boring topic?

My most annoying problem during studying is daydreaming. I listen to classical music, which does greatly help. I also try to think about the end goal of all the studying – and try to view it as just a smaller piece of the bigger picture to get where I want to go.

What are your habits, and remedies for successful study?

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Motivation I don’t have any great advice.

What keeps me focused is writing notes, I write them in outline form, while studying. The act of writing the notes down helps keep the material in my head, even if I never look back at the notes. If I do want to skim the material, the notes are easier than going back to the text book. Also, relating the material as much as possible to real life is helpful for me, but it depends on the subject.

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chewing gum helps me concentrate :)

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Study in chunks. Study for 30–45 minutes take a 5 0r 10 minute break to do something active to keep yourself energized before continuing. Write your notes out, even re write them if that helps you remember more. While you review ask yourself who, why, when, where, what and how the information your trying to recall is important.To keep myself motivated I promise myself a reward for the work. Example; On Friday I will buy that new movie I always wanted to see or buy some great new music etc. Hope this helps as I know sometimes studying seems unbearable when you can’t concentrate.

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Hi SarahJane

I am usually working to deadlines and knowing you have to have work done by a certain time and date does help motivate me. Although I usually, despite all my best intentions, leave things until the last minute to start them.

Things I do to focus myself are:-

Turn off things like Twitter and Fluther (I will have to do this next week when I go back to work. Fluther is addictive!) and anything else of that type that is likely to distract me. If I am working at home, I turn off the TV and like you, might put on some classical music but even that can distract me sometimes. So, if I have been very distracted I may turn everything off.

I set myself goals. Finish this section by lunchtime. Write this paragraph, then I can get a cuppa. Small, mini goals. It is amazing how much you can do if you set yourself mini goals.

I make lists. It is very satisfying to cross things off lists. These days I tend to use the to do lists in my calendar but I also have a shorthand notepad and write a list in that. Sometimes, going into your calendar tempts you to read email (a great time waster). Turn the auto notification of mail off too. That little box saying you have mail is irresistable. Having both an electronic and a written lists helps keep me on track though. I can jot things down I remember as I work on the pad and enter them in the calendar later.

I know when my prime working time is too. I work best between about 3–7pm. During this time I am so much more focused. I seem to be able to tune other things out and get a LOT of work done. Before that time, I mess around, get a bit done, procrastinate some more, do a bit more work, it is a chore. I time the real thinking work for later in the day and use the earlier time to do a bit of research, email, admin stuff. I think knowing when your brain is at its most productive is really important. It works for me anyway.

Oh and I tell people “I am working” when I am at home. They will still have to come and tell you that most urgent piece of information that they couldn’t tell you for the five hours before when you weren’t working, but you get that hey? I have a look though. Over the glasses with a frown .. it says a thousand words. Of course they often just ignore it and carry on regardless :-)

Turn off the phone too. Anything that could go off and distract me, becasue it probably will if I need to get work done.



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I break boring material up into chunks. Then I methodically highlight pertinent information and then I transpose that information onto flash cards. Then I flash card the information constantly until I can recite it properly.

Classical music helps me by cutting out background noise.

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