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Am I the only one having trouble staying "logged in?"?

Asked by Taciturnu (6037points) January 22nd, 2011

I’ll reload a page or check messages/activity/“questions for me” and will have to log in again, even if I logged in less than a minute ago. Sometimes I’m logging in 3–4 times just to give a lone answer, or send a lone message. The worst part is that I lose my work in the progress. I’ve since taken up “copying” just in case.

Does this have to do with site traffic? What gives?

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No trouble here. I seems as if you’re having some kind of computer problem and I hope it’s not a virus. You might want to put this question in General where hopefully a computer savvy jelly might have a remedy.

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Generally issues with logging in/staying logged in are issues with cookies.
Are you having this issue on any other sites?
What web browser are you using?

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Thanks @AmWiser @Sarcasm

I’m not having any trouble with other sites, only Fluther. It’s also only a recent problem. (Last couple of weeks.) I’m using IE.

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I’ve had that trouble in the past when I was using IE8, but since I switched to Google Chrome, it stopped.

Fingers crossed that it remains stopped.

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I’m not having any problems either. I use Safari.

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@hawaii_jake How do you switch to Google Chrome? And do you like it better?

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Well, I giggle googled “Google Chrome download” and got this site which had the download for the browser. I simply downloaded it and started using it.

It was extremely easy to transfer my favorites from IE.

And it’s lightspeed faster than IE.

I use it all the time now, so yes, I like it much better.

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@hawaii_jake OK, thanks. I downloaded it. I’ll get back to you on whether it solves the problem. :)

Is there a way to magnify the pages at all? I used to set IE to 125%. Edit: Never mind, I figured that part out.

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Firefox is also a good browser.

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@augustlan I hate using Firefox on other people’s computers. I guess it’s just not my style. Fortunately, it seems like using Google Chrome helped the issue!

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I’m glad… that must have been terribly frustrating!

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‘Twas. I stuck it out for a while, figuring it was a glitch with the site. I never heard anything from anyone else, so I figured I’d ask. Glad I did!

Thanks again, everyone.

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Thanks for asking this, @Taciturnu , I’ve been having that problem as well. I’ll try changing my browser, too. New computer, I’ve been lazy.

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This is happening to me as well, does it seem like changing browsers works? Because I just downloaded the new Internet Explorer 9 the other day…

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@loothegr8 Ah, IE. It’s not compatible with a lot of websites. Definitely switch to Firefox or Chrome.

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Wow I was unaware of this, thanks!

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@loothegr8 I switched to Chrome. Problem solved!

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@Taciturnu Yea I switched to FireFox yesterday and now its working, I just never thought that the “Browser” would be the cause of the problem, mainly because I have always used IE and never thought about changing it. But I’m glad it’s working now!

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