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What is a good title for subjects including real life issues?

Asked by NostalgicChills (2787points) January 22nd, 2011

I need a title for a magazine I’m making.
In the magazine, Topics will include:
Teen Pregnancy
Cyber Bullying
It will include polls as well.
One title I have come up with is “Teen Angst”. Any other suggestions? I prefer it to be fairly short, to the point, and nothing that suggests that the magazine is about Fashion.

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Teen Angles.

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Teen Issues

for short, you can call it Tissues

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Teen Happenings
Teen Source

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Teen Times.

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I was thinking maybe you could give your magazine a texty sort of name:

For example….

BM&Y (Between me and you)
F2F (Face to face)
IRL (In real life)
T+ (Think positive)
TBH (To be honest)

If that might sound good make sure it’s a text abbreviation that teenagers actually use. I’m just an old lady that got those off a list on the internet but maybe something like would appeal to your target market? Teenagers have pretty good BS detectors, and if not they are at least absolutely convinced that they do, with the same end result.

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@lillycoyote Yeah thats a great idea, all the kiddies love that txtn blah blah stuff. I reckon that could be a goer.

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@lillycoyote I like “In Real Life.” I’d support using the full words, though, and letting readers make the IRL connection themselves or just using it as an abbreviation where appropriate.

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@SavoirFaire I was just going to add a little caveat. The magazine title and maybe even the section headings could be texty, and it might make for good graphics but the body of the magazine, all the content should most certainly be in full actual words and complete sentences. Of course. You don’t want to encourage teenagers to think that text speak is an adequate substitute for literacy and writing competence, for mastering their native tongues. But just In Real Life might be fine on it’s own. Now I’m not sure. OMG!

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Thanks everyone! You’ve been extremely helpful!

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@NostalgicChills Good. Because it appears that @SavoirFaire and I were poised, just for a second there, to try and completely take over the whole naming thing. Glad you found all of our suggestions helpful. Good luck with your new enterprise and welcome to fluther.

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I like IRL as well. I also liked your original suggestion, @NostalgicChills, of Teen Angst, but I’d abbreviate it to just Angst.

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