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What are some good websites for looking for a house?

Asked by mowens (8367points) January 23rd, 2011

I want an all brick home, on a wooded lot with a full finished basement. Also, it needs to be at least 2300 sq ft. You’d be surprised how hard that is to find. I live in Columbus Ohio. how would you search?

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The last time I searched on the Web for a house was quite a while ago, but was a big help then.

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talk to a realtor. look at local realty websites. you have pretty specific ideas what you want in a house, a realtor will help you cut through the noise of all the listings.

have you narrowed down acceptable areas to live?

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I used trulia. You can search by zip code, neighborhood, city, price range, size, single, double,etc. You can save your favorites along with notes. It’s how I found my house. I had a realtor, but really, Trulia did all the work. The realtor just helped when time to do offer, inspections, etc.

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Yes I have. north side of town.

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Trulia is badass!

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Depending where you’re looking –

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I found the housing section of our local online newspaper was very useful.

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Zillow also provides the tax assessor appraisal with the listings.

JLeslie's avatar has everything that is listed in the MLS. The two systems talk to each other. An actual realtor can put in more parameters and help you search better.

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