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Where do I put the code for a getsatisfaction widget on my site?

Asked by DrewJ (430points) January 23rd, 2011

I want to add a getsatisfaction widget to my site. I have the code and I have access to my FTP. I’ve been experimenting with placing the code in different places and it just doesn’t work!!!

do I put it in the index.php file? in the _pageHeader.tpl file?

WHERE? I’m frustrated.

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What web framework are you using? My guess is Drupal, in which case there is a Get Satisfaction extension for you to use.

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no, not drupal or joomla or wordpress or any of those….

A development firm made the site, they used php and javascript.

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Ah, I thought I recognized the .tpl file format, but I was mistaken.

In that case, most webmasters paste the Javascript snippet at the end of the page immediately before the </body> tag. Depending on your developer’s file organization, the file may be called index.php, index,html, template.php, main.html, etc. and might be found in the root directory or in a separate template directory.

However, if you completely don’t know what you’re doing, I recommend contacting the developer firm or someone with PHP and HTML experience to make sure you’re placing it in the correct location to avoid the risk of your site breaking.

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