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Dojo vs. JQuery?

Asked by archaeopteryx (881points) March 20th, 2011

Hello Fluther,

I have recently started to use Dojo in my Django project, and I’ve been wondering, how does Dojo compare to JQuery?

Where can I find a (preferably recent) detailed comparison between the two amazing Javascript toolkits?

Thank you very much in advance.

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I use both at work. I prefer jquery for it’s speed, succinctness, and consistency. However, if you are interested in UI/widgets/etc. I would recommend dojo. In my experience, dijit (the widgets built on top of dojo) are superior to jquery-ui.

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Can both be used in the same project (e.g.: Dojo for widgets and JQuery for other stuff)?

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However, if you plan to use dojo widgets, it’s probably easier to just use dojo core. Anything you want to do with jquery you can probably do with dojo core.

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I’m partial to Jquery because of how fast it works things out.
Dojo is not for me

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