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Do my friends care?

Asked by tianalovesyou (709points) January 23rd, 2011

Lately is seems that my friends have been ignoring me. Its just that when ever I talk instead of responding they go on about themselves or the latest drama. No one listens to what I have to say or think. Should I talk to them or am i just being dramatic?

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Well, think, are they really your friends? Is it a group of people, who talk among themselves but leave you out? If you are a third wheel, than the get into the conversation. Discuss their topics and stuff and soon draw attention to yours. If you have an opinion they are ignoring, MAKE them listen. But if they still aren’t into what you have to say, they aren’t really your friends but don’t make them your enemies. You are your own person. Does the latest drama they talk about include you? Then you have a right to give your opinion. Maybe in an awkward silence, you can bring something up all of you will enjoy to talk about. Make sure you have the inner part of it, so you can talk more. Bring something up, they can’t just tell you to shut up. Do they listen to the others in the “clique” to what they say or think? Talk to them, but be casual. If they ignore when you are trying, MAKE them listen. Show them that you can talk and will, and they have to respond to a situation that includes them. Hope this helps, good luck :D

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@BeanAc I will try that! Unfortunately, I only have about seven girls in my grade anyways so… ):
Hopefully this will work! Thanks for your help. (:

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It’s the nature of teenagers to think the world revolves around them. Your friends are convinced your drama is no way significant compared to their drama, even if their drama is chipped nail polish or trying to figure out what to wear to get some guy to talk to them. Hint: boys don’t notice what you wear. They notice confidence, smiles and if you smell nice.

With that small of a class, there’s not enough people to split into groups, but you can pick one or two people and do things just with them. It’s easier to have a conversation when you’re not in a herd.

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Are you serious? How would I know if they care? Maybe they don’t care about what you are talking about. Maybe they are mad at you. Maybe you are taking it the wrong way. No way I or anyone else on here could tell you how your freinds feel. We don’t know them or you. Sounds like stupid kid stuff if you ask me.

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Some people, regardless of their age, think the world revolves around them. They may just be selfish or perhaps they lack social skills. You can take it personally and think it is because they are ignoring you, or consider whether they behave the same way with other people too?

Of course it could be you. If you lack confidence, perhaps it is the way you are presenting yourself. Perhaps you are a bit different and you aren’t interested in the things they find fascinating? It really could be a million different things. One thing I do know is that while it feels so important to fit in at school, some of us just don’t. Try not to take it personally and try not to let it erode your own self worth. We can’t get on with everyone. When you leave school there is a whole world full of different and unique people, I am sure some of them will be interested in you and what you have to say.

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I know how does it feels when your friends ignored you. Because,before, I felt it too. In my opinion, you should talk to them and ask them why they are ignoring you.

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I know the feeling. Well it might be two things. The first is that maybe you are the one being paranoid. The second is that maybe you are right…. they are maybe ignoring you. If you feel like you

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I have friends like that. If they continue to act like that, your better off broadening your horizons by looking for new friends who share your interests and not always all about themselves and what’s going on in their life,

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