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What do you mean when you say you feel "grounded?"?

Asked by wundayatta (58638points) January 25th, 2011

I was writing about this, thinking that “grounded” meant being centered in our notions of reality. But where does that notion of reality come from? Is it our history? If it’s in our history, does that mean it will probably be in our future? Is a cynical view of reality the “grounded” view? Can “grounding” be idealistic?

Have you ever felt grounded? How did you get to that place?

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‘grounded’ to me means that your thoughts coincide with reality, whatever reality is. It is the opposite of having your head ‘in the clouds,’ so to speak. I think it is being more rational, or having more common sense to it. That said, it is a matter of opinion and rather subjective. Historically my head has been in the clouds most of my life so I can’t say I’ve really felt ‘grounded.’ It can be considered an ideal though because it is something I oft aspire to be, though rarely achieve.

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When I can’t have dessert or watch TV for the rest of the night. ~

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Baseball anyone? Kinda sorta oughta ;¬}

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Grounded to me would be like a plant who has put it roots down deep and secured itself against the forces of the world to uproot it. When you are grounded you are secure in your self and understand your place in the Universe. It is like the parable when it is said if you build your house on a loose foundation when the storms come the house may come down but if you build it upon the rock then let the storms come and go you will not be distracted from your place. You still stand firm and solid.

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I never say that. But I do hear it all the time, and I wonder if certain types of people are more likely to notice that feeling than others. I’m an extremely (sometimes obnoxiously) practical person. It would be easier for me to think of times when I haven’t felt grounded. Astrologically, I’m a triple earth sign. Sun, moon, and rising. Whatever value you ascribe to astrology (still not sure about that one), it fits my personality right on. I’m earthy, and I never notice feeling grounded as a special event.

But I’ve heard that phrase plenty from friends who are less practical, and led more by their emotions. It always seems to me that people say it when they’ve cut through some inner turmoil (usually of their own making), and found some kind of temporary emotional contentment.

Maybe being grounded does go along with a cynical view of the world. I’d say I’m both.

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Depends on how old you are…. : ). There’s
“I am SO grounded!” vs “I’m very grounded.”

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@Dutchess_III Second time we’ve heard that joke in this thread.

Just saying. ;-)

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Well shit!!! I srs’ly missed the first time! Sorry!

@wundayatta That wasn’t me. That was my evil myopic twin.

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Recently I’ve started doing a lot of standing meditation for tai chi.
“Grounding” for me has become a sensation, one where I relax my weight to the point where I feel merged with the earth.

This also has impact in my theatre work. In order to make the audience feel that I am larger than life, if I reach into my root, I’m able to access a larger range in terms of volume + range. (Think opera singers…) Grounding is a means in which I can project a greater lifeforce.

Therefore, for me, grounding is not an abstract concept, it’s deeply kinaesthetic.
When I am in this state of “being”, I sense my existence—here and now.

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I think I’m grounded, and I think that means I don’t bullshit myself. I think I see the way things really are, or try to, and don’t go through contortions trying to convince myself that something I’m doing is OK or justified when I know it’s not. I know when I’m doing the right thing when whatever it is is usually a little boring or tedious!

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