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What are your pet peeves?

Asked by lovespurple (279points) January 26th, 2011

on anything.

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I have a lot, but these are a few:
Hypocritical people
Having to repeat myself
Someone leaving the toothbrush in the shower
When someone working at a store cannot tell you where anything in the store is

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People gabbing loudly on their cellphones in checkout lines.

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I hate people that stare.
Someone talking to me when I’m trying to read.
Then they try to pull the guilt card after I politely ask them to repeat themselves (because I cant read and listen to them at the same time).
And being treated unfairly.

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I am so annoyed by people who slow down when trying to merge onto a highway. I don’t usually swear much, but for some reason, that one always gets me.

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People who say ” never been so scared, hurt, mad, happy, etc in my entire life”. What else kind of life, for pete’s sake? People who stand in the doorway to chat.

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Never hearing, “may I help you?” unless you’re in a high-priced store. Then they’re all over you.
Women all warm in sweaters and jackets in the store with their baby wearing nothing but a diaper.
Those huge, black earrings boys wear that leave gaping holes in their earlobes.
Super loud, taped music while you’re on hold that is scratchy and doesn’t sound like music.
Hairdressers who shave your head when you tell them you want a trim.
Any phonecall or letter that starts out: “For your convenience” when it’s anything but.

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-soup slurping

-people who make things all about them (when a situation is not all about them)

-when people call you, you don’t answer, and (instead of leaving a message) they call right back

-people who are rude to employees (at retail stores, restaurants, etc.)

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Being invited to lunch by someone you haven’t seen in awhile, then having that person answer his/her cell phone and start chatting instead of letting the caller know that they are otherwise engaged (and he/she will call them back later).

Clerks who don’t ask, “May I help you?” or don’t look up and then don’t say, “I’ll be right with you.” or let you know how much you owe (they just stare and sometimes I can’t see the register total, so then I have to ask them how much I owe.)

Customers who don’t say, “Thank you.” or “Hello, how are you?” to the clerks and customers who don’t stop yakking on their cell phones when they get up to the register and the clerk.

People that constantly scream at their children in stores and don’t understand how to calmly teach their children to “stop doing something.” And parents with screaming toddlers who don’t know how to humanely stop them and then don’t take their child out of the store (or movie theater, or office waiting room etc.)

People who leave messages on your work phone, but disregard the message to please state their full names and slowly enunciate their phone numbers. Example: “Hi it’s me, call me back at nonetzerafortythreeone, oops I mean nonetfourthreedaone.”

People at work who will not clean up after themselves. Especially when they leave smelly, dirty dishes and food particles in the sink and sticky, crummy stuff on the counter, and cold half drank cups of coffee and plastic water bottles all over the office.

People that smoke and then use your office phone, leaving that vile scent on the part that you talk into.

People that don’t use turn signals and then cut you off on the freeway. And those same people that tailgate. And those same people that are doing all of that whilst talking and texting on their phones.

Going to a drive through fast food place, attempting to read the menu while the clerk starts asking you if you want X Y and Z (in static laced language), and you have to say No, No and No while you are still trying to read the menu. Then when you tell them what you actually want, then they repeat the wrong order back to you and you have to re-tell them what you want. Then after you pull away from the window, you realize that they gave you onions on everything, when you specfically requested that they leave the onions off, and they gave you coke instead of iced tea.

When you go to a restaurant and you ask if a certain item is made with chicken broth and they say they don’t know, but then don’t offer to go find out.

Having the receptionist at your doctor’s office say she’ll call you right back with your (referral, instructions, phone number that you need to call, name of the correct medication) and then they don’t call you back. Then YOU end up calling them back and get put on hold or a different receptionist answers and tells you that she’ll call you back and then doesn’t. It’s a vicious circle!

Having the homeowner’s association finally agree (after years of negotiation) to cut down the trees behind your house (on the common area) that are leaning toward your house that have been potential fire hazards for years (we live in a high fire danger area). After explaining that your own home owner’s insurance company saw those trees and highly suggested that they should be removed by the HOA because they are in danger of falling over or catching on fire. Then when the HOA tree cutters finally show up, they cut the trees down, but then let one of them fall on your house! Your roof is damaged, your back fence is completely destroyed, your patio furniture is crushed and your own Jacaranda tree (on your actual property) is completely wiped out, they leave and don’t contact you. You have to contact them and soon a week has passed and you have no back fence and a damaged roof and no apparent means of remedy.

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When people say ‘like’ every 2 seconds. People yelling about Jesus in public places. People walking slowly in high traffic areas – tourists standing in front of subway entrances looking at their maps – oh my god, move the fuck over!

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” tourists standing in front of subway entrances looking at their maps – oh my god, move the fuck over!” HAHAAA!!! Seniors, no doubt.
I’ve wondered if saying, “like” twice in each sentence is a habit someone can break? lol

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People who attempt to talk to me when I’m clearly wearing headphones.
People who still talk after I show no interest.
People who smoke right outside of public buildings. Great, there’s no smoke actually inside the building, but as soon as I walk outside I’m in a large cloud of cigarette smoke – not cool, considering I have asthma, too.
People who tell me what they think is right and wrong, and then try to enforce their views/opinions on me too. (This one is kind of broad, but it gets my point across).

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1) People who chew with their mouth open.
2) People who stop right in the middle of a crowded hallway, aisle, wherever.
3) People who text while you are trying to have a conversation with them.
4) People who don’t pick up their dog’s shit.
5) People who talk really loud with headphones in.
6) People in class, who have a fucking family member for every topic we hit on. No one gives a shit and they are just suck ups ha ok so
7) People who are suck ups.
8) People who talk like this, “um like oh, so like, wait what?” or “O.M.G.!” or “Oh, Snap!” and they sometimes snap.
9) Obnoxious gay men.
10) Old people who treat you like you’re 5.
11) Old people who can’t drive a car, seriously, you should have to re-take your driver’s ed class after the age of 65 or earlier in some cases.
12) Ignorant people.

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I live in an area of my city that tourists like to visit. I wish they wouldn’t congregate in their 8s and 10s in the doorways of the train station, or stop me on the street with “HEY!! This the [tourist destination]? Yeah, OK!” No “Excuse me, Miss”? No “Please”? No “Thank you”? Really? Philistines.

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@c…try having to deal with this where you live. I have neighbors that smoke outside their apartment constantly. Nothing like a nice spring day with the windows open, and all of a sudden I have the smell of cigarette smoke coming in my apartment…ugh!

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I hate when that happens. I wish there was something we could do about it. I guess all we can do is ask them to stop. Politely. With no expectation they will stop. But there’s always a chance they are clueless that smoke goes somewhere when it leaves their lungs or cigarettes and that they actually care about others.

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Answering a simple question with a long, tedious monologue.

Not understanding that “data” and “media” are plural nouns.

Talking with a mouthful of food, smacking lips, chewing with an open mouth, or picking teeth in public (yuck!).

Talking with a faux accent and/or pretending to speak another language.

Know-it-all windbags who dominate every conversation and lecture rather than converse.

Using “like” to describe a conversation (“He was, like, are you coming with us? I was, like, no. He was, like, why not? I was, like, because I have other plans.”)

Using “like” for any purpose other than (1) expressing preferences and affections or (2) comparing things.

Humor about bodily functions. (Does anyone over the age of 10 really think that flatulence jokes are clever and funny?)

Restaurant servers who clear plates while people are still eating.

Being rude to a courteous person.

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