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Can you recommend a good, lightweight game (preferably with an online mode) that I can play on a Linux netbook?

Asked by the100thmonkey (11265points) January 28th, 2011

My desktop rig is in a box on its way to Japan. I’ll be without a desktop for a significant amount of time (a month, more likely two).

I need a lightweight, fun game for Linux (Ubuntu Netbook Edition) that will run on a light machine such as I have:

Customised Acer Aspire One A110-L
1.6GHz Intel Atom n250
1GB DDR2–800 (single channel)
32GB SSD (~40MBps throughput, but I don’t think this will be a particular issue given the rest of the specs)

I have a mouse, obviously.

Please don’t recommend flash games; flash support in Linux is appalling, and while I can just about watch flash movies, flash games are slow to load and don’t work properly much of the time.

I like FPS, but I’m also open to 2d shooters of any stripe.

Thanks in advance for your recommendations!

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OpenArena is hands down my favorite open source, Linux compatible FPS game.

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I thought the hardware reqs were too high for Open Arena, but I was just… wrong. :D

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Minecraft is my suggestion. It will run on that computer, albeit slowly, but I have spent many, many hours building houses, giant pirate ships, and above ground hell hole things that trap pigs.

Plus there are online servers, some of which are pretty amazing with their creations.

So yeah, I strongly recommend Minecraft. One of my favorite games of last year or ever.

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@the100thmonkey I’ve run it on much slower hardware without any major frame rate problems.

But… how could I have forgotten Minecraft? I would also highly recommending checking out this game if you haven’t already. It might run a little slow on your hardware and costs 15 EU (~20 USD) as of now, but it will complete your life of gaming.

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have a look at all of these, there donation software so donate to the developer if you like it :) they all run on my Acer Aspire D250 and some are quite addictive, recommend World of Goo!

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Sauerbraten is a stunning open-source shooter and you could probably lower the graphics until it plays smoothly; it comes with free online play and is faster paced than any shooter I’ve seen.

A single player shooter I’ve been quite addicted to lately is Enemy Lines 3, 4th link down on google. Its unique gameplay keeps the replay value high.

ArmagetronAd is also really fun to play multiplayer, but its very unique and not a shooter.

If you can get a copy, Cortex Command is an amazing 2D shooter, but its closed source, although there is a Linux binary. This is another game that would need the graphics set to low.

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