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What are your guilty pleasures and why?

Asked by sarahjane90 (1805points) January 28th, 2011

We all have them… maybe just things we really enjoy, from food to (bad) tv!

Mine definitely include banana splits, Jersey Shore, World of Warcraft… and sleeping very very late. Why do you enjoy these sort of things, and what makes you feel ‘guilty’ about it?

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Fluther .. :-)

My desire to write a serial killer novel. I do hope there isn’t a murder close to me. My bookshelves are full of some very odd books.

Crappy TV. I like things like Top Model. I watch True Blood with my daughters.

I used to chat a lot but I am over that now. It wasn’t something I admitted to lots of people though.

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GLEE, True Blood, and the vampire diaries would be my TV show and Tootsie Rolls would be my sweet!

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ABBA, spooking myself, and fapping.

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Shitloads of pizza and beer.

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Long walks alone in the woods, Thai massages and reading a book by the fire with a good glass of wine….like now! Why?? Because they all feel so good.

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Shit that hipsters like. Like vinyl records, black plastic glasses, and antique cameras.

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I smoke a pipe. It’s unhealthy, antisocial, and makes a lot of people very angry. I also love it and if cancer is the cost I eventually pay for it, I pay it willingly and consider it cheap at the price. The first time I smoked a pipe, everyone warned me I would get very sick, especially since I had never smoked before, not even cigarettes. Not only didn’t I get sick, but I had the oddest sensation of coming home to an old friend, like I had done it a thousand times before.

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@kenmc, Ev’ry… body faps… sometimes… take comfort… in your hand…

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@Fiddle_Playing_Creole_Bastard If vintage cameras are wrong, I don’t wanna be right.

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I buy too many clothes…but strangely I still have times when I feel like I have nothing to wear

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I read Cosmo sometimes. Most of my female friends know in fact, we often share issues but I would take a lot of hell from a lot of my male friends if they knew I read Cosmo.

I also sometimes buy really nice chocolates for myself and I share them with no one!

@kenmc: Do not feel guilty when you fap. Fap with pride! Fap loud and fap proud! Fap like you mean it!

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Fried calamari, fried shrimp, donuts, lasagna, 3 layer chocolate torte, hot fudge sundaes, Queen of Sheba cake, potato chips, french fries, milk shakes. I have to stop the list. I’m making myself hungry. I feel guilty because I know those things are not good for me. However, I have not given up any of them. I just allow myself to indulge in a limited way. I try to have the calamari twice a year; I have 3 donuts a year at a certain meeting that meets 3X a year and serves them. The others I just have very occasionally. I guess french fries are the most available and least easy to avoid, but I only have them if I know they are especially good where I am eating. Time for a cup of tea.

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sleeping late and eating my feelings.

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Hmmm…I have so many.

HBO and Showtime Tv shows (although I have no TV, so I watch them on the internet) such as Weeds, Big Love, Tudors (and coming soon…The Borgias!), beacuse they take me to a world outside mine.

Vicodin and most narcotic painkillers, because they are fun.


Sleeping until 4 in the afternoon on days off.

Staying on the internet for hours and hours.

Masturbation is always better in my dreams ;)

And I feel guilty about it only because I am brainwashed to think I am supposed to spend my time in better ways. That is all.

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90’s songs. They’re so bad and yet so good.

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I never feel guilty about the things that bring me pleasure. Happiness in this life is fleeting and half of the reason for that is the idea that we have to feel guilt about something that may not float the majority of other folks’ boats.

To answer your question: Robbing banks and LSD.

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My guilty pleasure is hiking far into the woods with an MS 880 STIHL Magnum™ Chain Saw with an IntelliCarb™ compensating carburetor, an ElastoStart™ starter handle, decompression valve, one-piece cast muffler design and side-access chain tensioner and cutting down some innocent trees to see if they make a sound.

Do I really need to explain why?

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@Fiddle_Playing_Creole_Bastard You don’t even want to know! ;-)

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I play Dungeons and Dragons.

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Fast food of most kinds. I LOVED that KFC double chicken thing. I love poutine and McDonalds, chicken balls and eggrolls, full fat cream in my coffee, booze and I used to love my cigarettes. Guilty because every one of those things’ll kill ya! I also love to watch movies until 3 am and sleep til noon.

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