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Your favorite dinner party games?

Asked by judyprays (1304points) April 22nd, 2010

Things that spark conversation, fun and / or laughter are ideal. I’m open minded, suggest away!

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I always love those ‘mad-libs’ where a group creates a rediculous story by adding nouns, verbs, adjectives to fill in the blanks. Good laughs especially after a few drinks! lol

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Who am I? Write the names of famous people on post-it notes and stick one on each person’s forehead. They then have to guess who they are by asking “Yes/No” questions.

Causes a lot of laughter, especially if you pick appropriate famous people for each of your friends.

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Charades is always fun.

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The Cranium games are also amazingly fun.

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Putting small black olives in the end of a kazoo and seeing if you can blast the olive into the mouth of the person across the table is always a good time!

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@martyjacobs you beat me to it. I never can guess who I am, I suck at that game, but I have fun playing it.

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This is a kind of “game” that goes on all night. We played it at the family Christmas party one year, and it was a ton of fun.

Make sure everyone has a hat. You can make uniform hats if you want, but I say the sillier the better. We’ve had everything from Santa hats to a huge rice paddy hat my uncle got in Thailand. Put the hats on.

Draw a name from, well, a hat, and that person is “it”. Go about your party as normal.

At some point during the night, the “it” person should remove their hat. As soon as you notice the “it” person is not wearing their hat, remove yours. Say nothing to anyone else.

The last person to realize they’re the only one wearing a hat gets a good ribbing, a booby prize of some sort, and then they become “it”.

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@martyjacobs That sounds like a wickedly fun game. I’m going to have to try that one sometime.

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An oldie but goodie…love Pictionary.. this time use a whiteboard with dry erase markers. Always great laughs.

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I always thought eating dinner was a pretty good game.

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inb4 beer pong

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chubby bunny after dinner is the best

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Hide the sausage, even better if one retires the bedroom.

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spin the bottle! loll

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Hide & Seek.

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Cops and Robbers.

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Hump the hostess

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Whu Nu is wonderful for getting to know each other. Apples to Apples can start the craziest inside jokes.

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Beyond getting drunk and then playing some God of War III, my friends and I don’t have much imagination.

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Catch Phrase… it’s a great game because it’s like charades except you can talk, so it’s a lot easier and a ton of fun! this game has the power to unite even a random group of people in laughter and amusement.

also i second the vote above for Cranium, specifically this version because it’s technically the “adult” version (but dont worry, not ADULT adult). so for example, when it asks you to sing a song, they’ll be older and/or contemporary songs (not nursery rhymes) and you act out famous actors (not teletubbies).

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Well poker is always fun and when money(well just few cents) is involved its much better (much much better if you win)

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Scrabble and charades.

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We used to play Taboo where you have to describe an object but not use words written on the card. We had to quit when my son-in-law called me an idiot. He is just too competitive.

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taboo ,scrabble and other board games

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Two Truths & A Lie – Each person, taking turns, tells 2 true things and one lie about themselves, and the others ask questions about all 3. The person tries to make it as difficult to detect which one is the lie, as possible. It ends that person’s turn, when all the others either say which is the lie, or give up. When the person fools everyone, it is a riot, esp. when the people know each other. You find out some INTERESTING things about people you THOUGHT you knew!! (If someone already knows which is the lie, they need to sit and watch, not play, its still fun, because they know the answer!). People who correctly guess which is lie, feel very victorious! “Ah HA! I knew it! You didn’t fool me!”
BEANS (for lack of a name) Put a big bowl of dried beans in the center. Each person, taking turns, says something true, that they have done in their life. The more unique, the better, that person takes a bean, but anyone else who has done the same thing, also takes a bean, for their pile! The one with the most beans, when all the beans are gone, wins! Makes for a very interesting time! One time a guy who lived in the wild in Alaska, won, but it was fascinating! But then there was the woman who said proudly (thinking she had one no one else would benefit from!), “I’VE slept with Tim!”, looking triumphant,as she took her bean. Where upon 3 other women, exchanged looks and then all got up and took a bean! The laughter was loud!

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Pictionary and Apples to Apples

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These 2 games are kind of word games that get funny conversations started. The first one is called “Unfortunate Dinner Companions” (which is perfect for your party). One person picks a person, living or dead, famous or not and then another guest, maybe the person on their right, picks another person that would be a ridiculous or inappropriate person to pair with the first choice. Example: Letitia Baldgridge and Li’l Kim.

The 2nd game is called “Things that make you say hmmm?” This is similar to the first game except that the first person comes up with an idea, a scenario or a situation and the second person comes up with something that generally would NOT go with it. I’ve played this many times and sometimes the 2nd idea is so random that it makes you say hmmmmm? It can be very funny if you have clever people. Here’s an example: Lemon chiffon pie, and a log rolling competition. They may or may not be naughty, they just need to be funny.

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Aesthetic_Mess, what is Apples to Apples?

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You could play “truth or dare Jenga”. Mix this with some alcohol, you could be in for a very interesting night. ;)

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My family likes Cranium. Also, we like Catch Phrase. For outdoor parties, we love to play Baggo.

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