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How do I change the "My Pictures" Icon in Win 7?

Asked by Evan (810points) February 15th, 2010

With most folders, when you click on properties, there’s an option to customize, which allows you to change the icon. With folders such as “My Pictures”, or “My Documents”, or others like it, there’s no option to change the icon.


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The My Pictures Icon is changeable. If you go into your folder called <Username> then you will see the My Pictures folder inside. Right click and then click properties, then click customize and it will have options for changing the icon.

I have a hunch that you mean the My Pictures Icon that you find under the My Pictures Library.

I wasn’t sure myself so I found this link through google which should help you out.

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Thanks! That was great for changing library icons, but the “My Pictures” folder is still unchangeable.. I know how to go to the “customize” section.. but did you actually try it? The spot at the bottom where “change icon” usually is located, in the case of “my pictures”, is just BLANK. They have some “folder pictures” option, but that doesn’t work, nor is it really what i’m looking for.

Still, great help on the libraries!

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