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Which came first The Guy or The Gal ?

Asked by lloydbird (8730points) January 29th, 2011

Sorry, but ; I don’t really want to add much more to this question at this stage. But,, just wondering how answers from the “collective” to this might play out.

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If you are religious, the answer would be men (God created Adam, then Eve).
If you are an atheist, the answer would be either. It is impossible to tell whether the first human who evolved was a man or a women.
Or, am I completely misunderstanding the question?

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I’m puzzled by the question too. I don’t know what it’s asking: which came first, man or woman? which came first, the expression “guy” or the expression “gal”? which came first, some TV show or book or magazine of one name or the other name? Too obscure for me.

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Your confusion is justified guys.
I should have added that I meant in a chicken and egg way.

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A circle has no beginning

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The egg came first.

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My money has always been on the chicken.

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@Jeruba : Nope. Egg came first. It was fertilized by a proto-chicken, laid by a proto-chicken, and there was a funky little mutation, probably caused by that alien gamma ray burst that would have been recorded by the scientists, if scientists had been recording such things in those days, and voila! out hatched a chicken! There. Solved it.

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Oh, I don’t think so, @JilltheTooth. I think the egg and the chicken are one, and that at some point the chicken entity gained an ability to become two while still one, and the second entity became separable.

Besides, think of it: chicken eggs, robin eggs, ostrich eggs, turkey eggs, penguin eggs, sparrow eggs, and all the rest—who do you suppose sat on the first ones until they hatched?

Not to mention frog eggs, snake eggs, sturgeon eggs, and all kinds of other fish and crawly things. Somebody had to build them nests or whatever. It’s not as if some major part of creation that had just kind of been humming along independently suddenly grew shells and waited to hatch.

Besides, there’s that Gary Larson cartoon showing a chubby, freckled youngster with glasses and an overbite, standing next to a chemistry set holding a test tube and wearing a stunned expression in the midst of an explosion of feathers, with a caption to this effect: “God as a teenager attempts to create a chicken.”

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To answer both

The man and the chicken

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The guy – and she was very upset she didn’t get to finish.

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the amoeba.

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