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If you could extend your life by living alone would you?

Asked by 6rant6 (13692points) July 13th, 2010

There are some reasons to think that living alone might contribute to longevity, but let’s just pretend that it’s a given – if you live alone you’ll live longer. Would you make that trade? Feel free to set your own measure of “aloneness” and longevity.

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That’s not “life”, that’s “existing”. No thanks.

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No. I love being with my kids too much, and participating in volunteer work.

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No. I don’t like making my own sandwiches, figuratively and literally.

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Life alone would not be much of a life unless of course the person or persons were complete moronic abusive dickheads.

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Alone as in deserted island alone? or alone as in I am the only one who resides in my house?
I could live alone in my house, but I don’t think I could be totally alone all the time.

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I guess “Alone” sounds so absolute, like the Man in the Iron Mask.

How about something smaller: would you give up eating with other people to extend your life ten years (people eat more when in social situations & obesity kills). Or would you sleep in separate beds to get better sleep and live longer (many people move into separate rooms to deal with snoring/sleep deprivation)? Would you work solely from home, without face to face meetings (to avoid contagion) and live an expected ten years more?

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Eat alone? Nope.
Sleep alone? Yes, as long as I could have conjugal/cuddle visits.
Work alone? Probably, have done it at times.

But then the question is always which 10 years are you gaining?

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No. I’ve done that way too much already.

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Why would you pose this question when the opposite is true? “Numerous studies covering 140 years have shown that married persons tend to live longer than their unmarried counterparts.” Source

But no, I wouldn’t.

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No way. This would mean that you couldn’t be with someone you loved, or share your happy experiences, which are often happy mostly because you get to share them with someone.

@bob_ -LOL

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No. Life is dragging as it is.

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I do live alone! Really don’t understand this question. It is know fact that people who live alone, don’t live as long. But, you see people that live alone all the time that live to be 100 years old. Well, all the time is a stretch! Sometimes would be better!

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I don’t know . I’ve never done it but I don’t fear the idea of doing it for six months. lol

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Living alone….is fantastic. If what you mean is “living alone in your own space” (house, apartment, hovel, shack, flat, apartment, closet).

If it means…living alone and never sleeping/eating/talking/interacting with anyone…then no.

If it means I live in my own space…and I have friends all around me….down the block or next door and my partner lives in another house, too….yes.

Living alone…with benefits….? Yes.

Living alone…as in absolutely, totally alone with no one around at all? No.

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Sweet holy moly, I am taking the alone part goes just to living and not being along. It would depend on how much I was extending my life. If I know it would add 15 years or more it would be a great pull, one of which I may take. Most surely if it were to extend my days by 20 or more years. I would have to work out a relationship where that would work. I sure have the goal of reaching 112 years at least.

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I was happy living alone (i.e., living in my own place and not sharing it with any cohabitant but my cats) for a decade before I married. I would not leave my family now just to live alone, even if it meant living longer. But if I were alone—widowed, say, and with my children out on their own—I would not go out of my way to find someone to live with.

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@JeanPaulSartre You are wise. @Simone_de_Beauvoir must add life to your years!

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I’ve been alone too much lately. I await her return. I would not choose solitude in exchange for longevity!

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Never! Spending time alone is fantastic, but sharing the joys and sorrows of life with others is what makes it all worthwhile

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Nope. I’ll take the years that I have left, thanks.

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No. I’ve had people around me my whole life. I couldn’t imagine it any other way.

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Sure. I’ve demonstrated hermitage behavior all my life. If living alone can extend life, I should theoretically be immortal. I’ve certainly got projects and experiments that’ll take at least a few hundred years. Isolation and monastacism, when tempered with occasional social contact, can hone one’s mind and spirit to a blade’s edge; but without any contact at all it’s very easy to go insane. Believe me, I’ve done it twice.

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I’ve heard the total opposite.

Still, I live alone now, so might as well, I suppose? Actually I live with a roomie, but for some reason I keep thinking this question means being in a relationship. And it has to mean that, cuz living with my roomie is driving me nuts. :D

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Yes. I would be quite content to live alone. In fact sometimes I think I would prefer it.

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@Symbeline : Yeah, being alone, your mind can go on a total tangent five miles east of reality and you wouldn’t notice. People can be annoying but they’re occasionally useful as 3rd party reference.

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I’ve lived alone for 10 years now after my divorce and have zero desire to ever share my space with anyone other than my pets again. Getting a divorce has most certainly extended my life, and my sanity. lol
I can get my social fix easily without the irritation of living with another person. Happy as can be over here.

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