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Do you find yourself more intrigued in questions where you help others, or questions where you get to speak of yourself?

Asked by The_Inquisitor (3163points) January 30th, 2011

Well? I guess the details of the question usually is the determinant. But in general, do you find that you’re able to answer a question in more detail and take more time into it when you are talking about yourself?

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Questions where others get some benefit.

If the question is a personal one that the responder must answer about him or her self, I usually try to answer it as best I can.

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I like helping other people more than talking about myself. When helping other people, I focus more on what I’m writing, make sure my information is accurate, and provide links when I can, so it takes more of my time than just writing something about myself does.

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I like answering questions where I can talk about spatulas.

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I can answer a question in more detail if I have personal experience. You won’t find me answering questions about spatulas. I leave those for @Vunessuh.

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Help others.

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I usually end up answering questions where I talk about myself. I’m not expert in anything else enough to help anybody. Especially not spatulas.

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I like answering questions where I can give my opinion. Sometimes this is helpful to others and other times it’s just a way of talking about myself and what I think.

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I usually only answer questions that interest me so it is hard not to take on the questions where your answer involves a little personal experience and or anecdote about yourself.

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I prefer to answer questions where I might help others.

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I was given life over the weekend and a new me is now present. My life is to help, support and give what I have to others to help them in this world. We are all in the same boat so to speak and we need each other to survive the rough times. Blessings

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Questions wherein my answer may help others.

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I prefer questions that can be answered longwindedly and with vowels aplenty. Spatulas are good, too.

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I prefer to spank Vunessuh with a spatula answer all sorts of questions.

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@WillWorkForChocolate I think we should be best friends now. :D

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It doesn’t matter a whole lot to me, as long as I have something to contribute.
I find either type of thread just about as suitable for showing off. >_>

I do notice I’m more likely to stick with a help thread than with a vanity thread once I’ve had my initial say. There’s usually more reason for interaction among the repliers.

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I more prefer the discussion type questions, that result in a civil exploration of an issue. I do enjoy being able to answer a technical question for someone, but I don’t get as much out of it in that I’m not as intellectually stimulated nor am I as likely to learn something new.

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@Vunessuh I agree. I’m only 2 feet from the kitchen; would you like the small, medium or large? With slots or without? Plastic or wood?

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@WillWorkForChocolate Oh my. Well, it ain’t a party unless there is some big wood involved.

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@Vunessuh Yup, have a couple of those in my kitchen crock. We’re good to go.

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Huh, what, what the question? I was listening to @Vunessuh and @WillWorkForChocolate .


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