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Have you ever tried to coax your physiology into requiring less sleep?

Asked by Lowrha (67points) January 31st, 2011

There is so much to do, things I want to do, but sometimes it’s difficult not to sleep a lot. Especially in the winter! My lifestyle allows oversleeping now, but I’d rather be awake, energetic, productive. Has anyone ever tried to form a long-term habit of reducing sleeping time by at least an hour (and, preferably, more)? Can it work?

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Isn’t that what coffee is for?

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You can save time with polyphasic sleep, if you really want to, but you’ll have to adopt a sleep schedule that might conflict with the conventional day/night sleep habits that everyone else uses.

I tried it for a week – having a siesta at 17:00 – but I noticed it always takes me so long to fall asleep that going through that falling-asleep process twice instead of once actually cost me more time than I had envisioned saving.

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I recall a Howard Hughes story. He believed that in order to beat his competition all he needed to do was get up an hour earlier than anyone else and work all day. He did up end up being the richest man in the world (and probably choosing a president or two.)

On the other hand he ended up crazy, paranoid and without any family, eating his oatmeal, taking his “Medicine” and watching Ice Station Zebra.

Your call.

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I have heard the most important thing about sleep is consistency. If you balance it with other healthy lifestyle choices you would likely be ok. For instance healthy eating, exercise and time to meditate/pray to keep your sanity.

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make busy life, if you have more work your brain alerts about the work, then you can sleep less, work more time.

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