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What's a good universal converter for international travel?

Asked by the_sherpa (108points) January 31st, 2011

I’m traveling from US to Australia – what converter/adaptor is good?

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Check this page out for proper plug type then pick-up from any Radio Shack store or order online from or other online relectronics retailer.

You have to calculate how much wattage your device uses and get an appropriate sized step-down converter. There are cellphone chargers and other electronic power adapters that can be plugged in to any 110–220 volt outlet. Just be sure that the power ratings are well covered to avoid damage to your electrical device.

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Really excellent resource page, thank you!! I’m also hoping to find one that is universal, so I don’t have to purchase more when I travel to other countries…any tips?

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There are travel plug kits available, too.

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