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When running into a celebrity, do you acknowledge who they are or talk them like just like anyone else?

Asked by kyen (24points) April 30th, 2007
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are you asking what *i* do, what *one* does or what *you* should do? and who is the celeb that you spotted?
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Probably depends on the celebrity, but my instincts would focus on treating them "just like anyone else," though I think a simple acknowledgement is fine.
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if you want to pay them a compliment, i think it's totally appropriate to say hi. but if you just want to stand there awkwardly, better to steer clear.
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That said, certain people are famous for a reason and rightly expect the worship they deserve. Treat them like you would any other of your super-talented genius friends. It is a fair assumption that they are super-talented geniuses, otherwise they wouldn't be famous.
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It also think that what they are doing matters. I wouldn't interrupt a celebrity eating dinner in a restaurant, but acknowledgment one at a night club or sporting event is acceptable (since strangers typically interact in these settings).
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There'a a guitar store in LA whose policy is treat the rock stars like ordinary people and the ordinary people like rock stars.
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The celebrity was Owen Wilson and he was incredibly chill and great to talk to.
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I'm all for humor; one of the members of the Fluther community has a web site where they post their pranks. I'm a big fan of their "ask the celebrity to take a picture of you" gag.

1) Ask the celeb if they'll take a picture for you 2) When they roll their eyes and or get ready to do their standard pose, clarify and tell them you want *them* to take a picture of *you* with the camera. Turn the tables, and start a collection - then again, I'm not someone who is impressed by celebrity . . .

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