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Is there an easy way to switch from using Hotmail to Gmail?

Asked by SamIAm (8703points) February 2nd, 2011

I think it’s time.

I’ve had my hotmail addresses forever (one for junk mail, one for serious stuff – school, financial, important subscriptions, etc…). But I think it’s time to upgrade (I feel so behind when I tell people I have a address!).

I do have a gmail account but just don’t use it. Is there any easy way to forward my e-mails from one account to the other? Or do I have to individually update all my accounts (Amazon, Wells Fargo, TD, Fluther, etc…) and inform everyone that emails me?

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For forwarding you can go to your Options, and under manage your account should be an option for E-mail forwarding, which will work in the meantime while you update your contacts on your new email address.

At some point you should eventually change all your accounts to send to the new address instead of your hotmail one and send out a mass email to your address book about your change, though. It just leaves too much opportunity for mail to be lost or delayed by adding a unecessary step.

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You can have Gmail grab your Hotmail, so you can see everything with one sign-on.

I have 2 Gmail , 1 Yahoo and 1 email from my own domain. Everything comes into my “main” GMail account, and is sorted into folders (called Labels in Gmail) so I can easily see which account is which.

Gmail also lets me send out using all those addresses.

How to Configure Gmail to Download, Get and Transfer Mail from Hotmail via POP3

If you like the hotmail interface better, you can work it backwards – Hotmail can grab you Gmail

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Thanks guys… I’m doing it manually. It’s taking a little while but it’s good because I’m filtering out the junk I don’t need. :)

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I use email and I find it best.

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